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If you were having trouble finding an SVD scope near you, that problem is now solved. We’ll send the scope of your choice wherever you are, no problem. Make your deal, we’ll take care of the rest!


Svd scopes

It has been given many different names, SVD, Tiger, Dragunov… but it is always the same problem. Which scope to choose for your sniper rifle?
First, you should know that an svd airsoft sniper does not necessarily need to be equipped with an original Dragunov scope. This one probably won’t hold the recoil, but unless you’re using a high-powered gas model, an SVD scope for airsoft will do it (a replica in other words).
Secondly, it is essential for a sports shooter or hunter to use a quality scope. The scope must not go out of adjustment, it must be resistant to all types of recoil in order to be interchangeable, and its overall quality must be of military standard for a better life span.
For these reasons, we offer you several replicas but also the best Dragunov scopes, used by the Russian armed forces for their missions. Also, you’ll find here many scopes with a different magnification. Thanks to our collection, you will be able to adapt to the field: it never adapts to us!

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