How sniper works

How sniper works?

Discover today all the Techniques of Professional Snipers. For a long time a mystery, we reveal to you today all the secrets of their working methods!

balaclava in the military

The Balaclava in the army

Discover today the link between the Balaclava and the Army. Why is it so widely used by Militaries around the world and how is it a real working tool.

5 Reasons to Play Airsoft

5 Reasons to Play Airsoft

You are a man, love sports but also know how to use your brain? You might like this sport! Discover today with us 5 good Reasons to go Play Airsoft.

Russian Striped Shirts

7 Facts about Russian Striped Shirts

Do you have questions about the famous Russian Striped T-shirt, seen on so many fighters ? Soldier, get to the bottom of it today with that article:

does camouflage works

Camouflage: does it really work?

Find out today How Camouflage Works, what the best ones are and how to choose one for you: You’ll become an expert on the subject with our article.

Top 3 Modern Spetsnaz Loadouts

Top 3 Modern Spetsnaz Loadouts

You want to have the style of the last Russian operator but don’t know which unit to start with ? Discover today The Best Modern Spetsnaz Loadouts:

Airsoft in Russia

Airsoft in Russia

Discover today all the secrets of Airsoft in Russia: You will know where the games with real military tanks take place, as well as the rules of this sport.

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