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Get ready to fight with our Russian Combat Pants! Tested by multiple spetsnaz units before release, they are all manufactured in motherland to military standards: a guarantee of quality but also of availability for all.
Russian Combat Pants


Distinguishing themselves from classic tactical pants, our tactical military pants are all equipped with multiple reinforcements making them operational for field operations. It is also thanks to the use of ultra resistant fabric that they cannot tear easily. In a few words: this is the standard quality of the army.
Military personnel must have confidence in their equipment to focus on their missions. Together with a good top and a reliable pair of boots, a matching pair of military combat trousers is an indispensable piece of gear that every soldier must wear no matter what the circumstances. It is thanks to his basic equipment that he can then customize his pack according to his mission and his role.
You will find in our collection of army combat pants all that you may need for professional missions, for tactical training or for a physical sport such as airsoft or paintball.


War doesn’t have to be about gender. Although it’s not just for men, everyone has different physical skills. Men in particular are physically stronger, it’s a fact: war is a guy thing. It is therefore important for us to point out that our army combat trousers are perfectly suited primarily for men. Many cuts are proposed to you according to your preferences: fine cut, straight cut or rather baggy, you have here the embarrassment of the choice.
Don’t worry, if you are a big boy you will find sizes that fit you: we have plus size combat trousers up to 6XL with height adjustment according to the Russian regulation sizes. A doubly practical system when you have an unusual size.


And yes, all the models in our category are unisex. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a top model or an outdoor enthusiast, all of our pants models will fit you perfectly.
Most of the tactical combat trousers we have are straight cut, but we have also several baggy combat trousers that should be much more comfortable than a classic model. Also, they are available in many different camouflages. Perfect for improving stealth in hostile environments.


We are official suppliers of many Russian military clothing brands. Want to know why they outperform American and European productions? Here are the reasons:

  1. Larger selection of unique camouflages better suited for different situations. Thanks to the combat camouflage trousers we offer, you will be able to better hide yourself in the surrounding nature and create a strong group identity for your squad. Perfect for professional military operations but also for tactical games like airsoft.
  2. Unique models: the cargo combat trousers available in American and European shops all look the same. The only difference is their price and their brand. At Kula Tactical we offer multiple innovations created through numerous tests with Russian special forces professionals.
  3. Democratic prices for top quality. It is imperative for us that each of our customers can enjoy the best combat cargo pants without making concessions. This way, you can easier equip yourself from head to toe with professional military equipment. Life is priceless.

If you want more information about some Russian brands, please contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to help you.


Looking for pants that won’t let you down at work? It’s a good idea to head to oue army trousers! Thanks to their high density rip stop fabric they are very resistant to abrasion, will protect you from shocks and dirt, while providing you with tool storage solutions thanks to their voluminous pockets.
Our loose fit tactical pants are also a very good ally for manual work that requires medium to high intensity physical activity in a sometimes dangerous environment.

To create a unique style, we also have Russian telnyashka. A little originality is always welcome, a tshirt can never really cover you up.

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