Military Balaclavas

The heroes advance masked. It is more prudent to keep anonymity for professionals of state defense structures. Equip yourself now with your balaclava before leaving on a mission!

You are military and are looking for a balaclava that meets your expectations? You are a lover of the great outdoors who is looking for a good accessory to keep your health, protect yourself from the cold, or even camouflage yourself to better hunt?
We have a large number of different balaclava camouflage, warm balaclava made of fleece but also modernized models that can be used as neck cover or bandana!
Worn by soldiers from various units of the Russian army, you will also find our authentic Russian military balaclavas perfect to complete a unique style for playing airsoft on the side of the fighters in the east.
You can complete your balaclava with a Russian military cap to keep you warmer or even break the shape of your head to improve your camouflage.

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