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Our Russian army patches will fill your soldier image with deep meaning and give a fighting spirit to win, and your airsoft kid will be complemented with a great accessory.
russian army patches


The Russian Army, like any other army, has various units with their own unique, but understandable to all initiated, style. This includes Army Patches. With the help of these patches you can determine the profession of this or that soldier and officer, or understand in what area his unit, battalion, army or front is deployed. These patches are prescribed in the Statute of the Russian Armed Forces and are regulated by internal orders of the Defense Ministry.

Our Russian Army Patches can serve as a great addition to your soldier image. During reenactments of fights that took place in different parts of the world you will be noticeable and understandable to your friends who stand with you shoulder to shoulder in the same line. These patches can identify not only you but also your entire unit, making it a single, purposeful unit striving for victory. These patches can be your calling card at the big airsoft games. The quality of our Army Patches will pleasantly surprise you, they will last long and reliably without losing their appearance.

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