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Gorka Suits

The legend, the myth, the famous Russian Gorka suit is finally available with Kula ! Today we finally can propose to you a large range of the most famous Gorka mountain suit : we received a big batch of them and it’s time to free up warehouse space !


Often competing but never equaled, the gorka military is the ancestor of every eastern windbreaker in the military-style. Swen in an indestructible military tent fabric, with that uniform on you you’ll be ready for every outdoor work, by any conditions. Especially practical when the weather is bad, these Russian army clothes are excellent when you’re a tough guy that loves to play hard in nature. Its reputation talks by itself : it’s so far the uniform of eastern workers. For you, we have stored many models for all your needs !

Are available today :

Gorka jackets
Gorka pants
Gorka uniforms

And everything comes from the best manufacturer, directly incoming from the east. This includes a wide choice of gorka camouflage so you can adapt to your environment!


Do you search for a Gorka 3 suit ? Good news : we have many models from different manufacturers including the Gorka 3 bars. These models have 2 main pockets on the jacket and its typical reinforcement made of strong rip-stop (or the typical brezent) fabric. Its design, the “3”, could be named “Spetsnaz Gorka” because it’s the most classical and well known among the special military units. If you still hesitate for the color, it all depends on your activity : run for a classical Gorka khaki for more discretion (or for an airsoft Russian loadout), or run for a Gorka camo if you want to remain undetected when you’re hunting !


We didn’t forget about you : we tend to stock a large amount of all types of Gorka military including the Gorka anorak. With their design, they’re warmer and comfier : ideal for a long expedition in nature even under the rain. You can find here whatever Russian Gorka 4 you want ! Our collection doesn’t stop to grow, so the propaganda chief highly recommends you to come back and check if we received a new batch of Gorka military !


Bars isn’t the name of a fish : it’s a specialized manufacturer in the design and production of military clothes for military units and the regular Russian army. Its presence in the Caucase, an area of military tension since the war in Chechnya, gave the company the possibility of a better understanding of their partners’ needs. That’s why their work since 1981 continues to be successful : they work exclusively to fulfill official governmental contracts. You can find all the Russian Gorka bars here.

We hardly believe that you’ll love our range of Gorka clothing. Don’t hesitate to write to us by mail for any request.

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