Russian FSB Patches

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Complete your gear with our Russian FSB Patches! This is what will give your look a serious touch of authenticity, in addition to improving your style

Increased realism with FSB patches


There are many troops and special services in the motherland. The “Federal Security Service” is engaged in intelligence and counterintelligence, fighting terrorism on the territory of Russia and in other states. As in any combat unit, the Russian FSB has special forces. The special forces of the FSB of Russia are called Alfa. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet for the most important. Alpha male is usually the leader of the pack of animals.

The Russian fsb patch, an alpha thing

Also the special unit Alpha of the Federal Security Service of Russia is the first and the best. The motto of the Russian FSB Alpha unit is “Win and come back”. Our Russian FSB patch will bring you closer to this title and will help you to add uniqueness to your airsoft kit. Especially with our FSB back patch you’ll get a really realistic kit, it’s the must that every lover of modeling should have in its wardrobe. With our FSB Alpha patch you will always come back victorious.

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