Grenade Pouches

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Need to increase your pyrotechnic carrying capacity? Our Grenade Pouches are suitable for a variety of models, making you operational in combat. Don’t let your grenade carrying capacity betray you!

Our professional grenade pouches

Grenade Pouches

During the preparation of your equipment there is always the question of pyrotechnics. What type of grenade to use and what model?
Only with the right storage space for your grenades you will be able to fight with all the necessary comfort. Needless to say, filling pockets for flares with frag grenades will be totally unsuitable. That’s why we have prepared a whole collection of russian grenade pouches for carrying your pyrotechnics. All you have to do is to choose the model that suits you, and choose an available camouflage that matches your tactical equipment.

Being originally designed for military use, our army grenade pouches are, therefore, also compatible with airsoft practice. Their durability being superior to Asian productions, this makes them much more interesting for a medium/long term oriented purchase.

Our MOLLE grenade pouches

Enjoy our large selection of pouches equipped with the now famous MOLLE attachment system. This easy to use system has become a standard in our field, allowing you to attach your pyrotechnic pouches to a variety of platforms such as: a tactical vest, a tactical belt, a backpack equipped with the MOLLE system. Also, for a better efficiency, it is recommended to use our grenade pouches in camouflage similar to the base on which you want to attach them.
Thanks to the many opportunities offered by our pouches, you will finally be able to equip yourself in the best way.

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