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The advantage of improved camouflage is what can change everything in the field. Whether it’s for hunting, airsoft or military training, with our collection of sniper gear you’ll have that ability to hide better and easier in the wild. Our collection being mainly composed of military sniper gear, you have at your disposal exclusively on our military surplus the best-existing selection in which to choose meticulously the sniper gear clothing you will need to complete your missions.


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Russia is a large country, which means that many different landscapes and types of vegetation can be found there. It is thanks to this great diversity of colors and different lands that we can offer you such a wide range of camouflages! Indeed, each of these places requires a different camo. A different pattern, different colors, different clothes… So you can take advantage of our wide range of sniper tactical gear to get the most out of each of our patterns!

Our camouflages are all more effective than each other. Whether you want to hide in a dry plain in the middle of tall grass, become invisible in the middle of a forest or blend in with the crowd in a mountain setting, you will find the gear for sniper that matches your type of activity and its environment at Kula Tactical. By equipping yourself from head to toe with our sniper outdoor gear, you’ll also get 360-degree camouflage worthy of the most serious professionals without spending dozens of hours preparing a homemade sniper ghillie. At Kula we know how precious time is and we think of your efficiency first!


Our sniper tactical clothing are suitable for all types of activity, including airsoft, hunting and professional military missions. Whether for hunting missions requiring extreme efficiency of your camouflage or simply to break your silhouette quickly without losing too much time to gain discretion in airsoft, our army sniper clothing will bring you a real superiority on the field. It is notably thanks to our sniper 3d tactical gear that you will be able to facilitate your task! Easy to use, light and compact, the wearing of a modern sniper camouflage clothing like our viper hoods can make a big difference on the field. As long as you choose your camo well!

Highly appreciated for their authenticity, our airsoft sniper gear are specially designed and produced for tactical outdoor missions requiring discretion. Often crucial for controlling an area of the field in a semi-static position, good sniper gear for airsoft will particularly help you to remain undetected and make long series of eliminations in all discretion. Also useful for carrying extra ammunition or equipment with a Tactical Molle backpack, our airsoft sniper clothing is designed to be effective in combat: their special cut will not hinder your movements or your actions! Make your choice well soldier, because of your airsoft sniper gear loadout will depend on your effectiveness in combat! We can only advise you to study your battlefield before choosing the color of your sniper hunting gear.


As a Russian military surplus reference in its field, you will find on our e-shop only authentic military sniper clothing. After long theoretical and practical studies in the field with testers from different military divisions such as the FSB, Russian military engineers can finally design models close to the final achievements in our collection of sniper equipment. It is only after long tests with a sniper gear set up that the last weaknesses of the designs are revealed to the soldiers participating in their development. After correction, we are in the presence of real sniper hunting clothing made for a job that requires killing both terrorists and coyotes.

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