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A fast and effective way to camouflage yourself while maintaining mobility in combat, the viper hood cape is now a staple of conventional ground warfare. Whether you’re a professional working all around the world, a seasoned hunter, or a DMR airsoft player, wearing one of our Russian viper hoods will provide you with invaluable camouflage in the field.


Viper hood
It’s never been easier to blend into the scenery of a dry, leaf-strewn forest, a humid, unbreathable jungle, or even the flat, featureless steppe with our viper hood system. It’s a real tactical advantage to be able to put on your 3D camouflage in the field, previously carried in your tactical backpack, just before ambushing your enemy. This way you can keep your mobility to a maximum while optimizing stopped combat phases by improving your ability to camouflage your human silhouette almost instantly.

It is also possible to wear your viper hood leaf constantly (even outside of combat), as it won’t get in the way when you move around and won’t make you sweat like a classic sniper ghillie. This is the main advantage of this system. With our light viper hoods, you won’t feel like you’re suffocating even in temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius. Although very resistant, they are light and pleasant to wear. It’s actually a minimalist ghillie with the main mission of breaking up the shape of your head, arms and shoulders. With their large hood, they also allow the wearing of a combat helmet! For special forces units requiring maximum coverage for espionage, reconnaissance or marking operations, it’s a big plus to be able to combine bulletproof protection and enhanced camouflage.


Have you ever worn a classic sniper ghillie? It’s heavy, bulky, and very hot. Plus, wearing ballistic protection underneath your ghillie suit is simply impossible. You’d be too slow to make normal progress and waste too much energy moving your gear. It is only with our few ghillie suit viper hoods that a fighter’s ability to move is preserved. Of course its camouflage will not be perfect, but most of your body will be covered (for long models) by a customizable cape with any type of foliage.

Easy to adapt to your terrain, in any weather and any season, our viper ghillie suits will be incredibly practical compared to the traditional burlap ghillie. If you choose a long viper ghillie suit, you will have excellent coverage that extends from your forearms to your shoulders, covering your head and down to your knees. After the generous addition of camouflage elements on both sides of your viper hood, and with a complete viper hood kit with some 3D camo pants you’ll be well enough camouflaged to be completely undetectable in a crouched or prone position.


You will find many models in our viper hood collection. All of them are available in different colors and patterns, which gives you the possibility to match your environment perfectly. In addition to optimizing your camouflage, we offer you only a production recognized by professionals, including the Giena Tactics viper hoods. These have proven themselves in military operations where Russian special forces units of the MVD operate. The Giena viper hoods are both extremely durable and lightweight in a wide variety of camouflage patterns. You will find here:
Viper hoods Black
Viper hoods Multicam
Viper hoods Pencott Greenzone 
Viper hoods Atacs FG 
And many other viper hoods in original Russian camouflage

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