Russian Scopes

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Gathered in this collection, you will find here all our Russian scopes. We have a choice of models suitable for military use such as hunting, or for target practice, or for recreational use such as airsoft.


Russian Scopes

Highly regarded for their reliability and exceptional value for money, our Russian tactical scopes are all suitable for use together with a Russian weapon. Refer to the information on the product pages of these scopes, many models are suitable for airsoft games and can not endure the constraints associated with shooting sports or hunting.
Prefer an original model for a better hold on the duration and better performances. For example, the quality of the lenses of our NPZ scopes is unbeatable. Of course, you will find the classical Russian scope reticle in most of our models. More than a trademark, it is a real advantage in the field to have a russian rangefinder scope with you.

It is advisable however to redirect you to our Russian night vision scopes collection for night shooting. These models are specially designed for such situations.

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