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What can be a real headache is absolutely simple with us: discover the best AK scopes in our military store! Fully adapted to the use of 5.45mm, 7.62mm and other less common types of ammunition, most of our AK rifle scopes are also equipped with a side mount rail.


AK Scopes

AK47s have always used a side-mounted scope system, except for the older models which did not have one at all. However, for the newer models such as the AK12, you will still need to purchase a side-mounted scope for long-range shooting. If you prefer to use a universal scope with a picatinny mount, you will definitely need a side-mount scope sold separately. Also, not all of them are very reliable. It is recommended that you get a Russian-made steel model for maximum durability.
In our collection of Russian AK scopes you will find many models, all suitable for different types of activities: shooting sports, hunting airsoft… That’s why we have scopes with different magnification. Depending on your personal preferences, you might prefer a 6×36 magnification rather than the classic 6×24.
Finally, several well-made AK scopes for airsoft are present: we have not forgotten our airsofteur friends! Since they don’t have recoil, the airsoft Kalashnikov rifles can use these scopes without worrying. They are also much more accessible. However, never use a cheap AK scope on a firearm.


Our selection is the best on the web. Here you can order the top AK scopes made in Russia and used in the army without worries. The only thing we will never offer you are models with Soviet markings! Indeed these models belong to the past, their price has no earthly reference, and their quantity is extremely reduced. Moreover, all the models we offer are of the same range.
We propose you here mainly 2 types of glasses: the PSO scopes for AK and the others. Divided in 2 other categories, you will find at Kula original SVD scope on AK but also Chinese reproductions for airsoft. Something to satisfy everyone’s needs! Thanks to their side mount, you can directly attach your scope to your favorite assault rifle right out of the box.

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