What is a gorka suit: everything you need to know

What is a gorka suit: everything you need to know

We have all already dreamed of wearing a real Spetsnaz outfit for our Sunday activities… Not only because it’s a real guarantee of quality, but also because it’s really classy! Also you may ask yourself;

  • What is it about the Russian Gorka outfit that makes it stand out more than the others?
  • What does its name itself means and what is the purpose of this uniform?
  • Or maybe, you have already bought a model from us and you are wondering: how can I wash it without damaging its special fabric?

The gorka suit is recommended for outdoor use, especially in medium to negative temperatures. It is an excellent waterproof windbreaker for those who want to protect themselves from wind and rain.

Whether you are a nature lover who loves hiking weekends, an airsofter, or even an FBI secret service agent… We bring you today all the lightning you are looking for around the famous Gorka suits.


What is a Gorka suit?

1/ The Gorka in Afghanistan

There is a misconception that the mountain guard costumes made in Germany during the Second World War were taken as the basis for the creation of the first Russian gorkas. These models were made of tent fabric and consisted of pants and anorak, unlike the Soviet Gorka uniform which consisted of pants and jacket made. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the lack of special outfits became a real problem. The local mountainous terrain with its strong winds required something more specific than the usual equipment of Soviet soldiers. In 1981, specialists created the “Gorka” suit based on their accumulated experience and taking into account the requirements of Soviet mining brigades and infantrymen. At the end of the war, the Gorka remained in service in military units and then became accessible to the civilian population.

2/ What are gorka suits made of

The first Gorka as mentioned above was made of tent fabric. The standard today is that a Gorka suit should be made of several materials, at least a mixture of tent material with Gretta reinforcements on the exposed parts. This is notably the case with the Gorka Bars series, of which the Gorka 3 model is widely used by the army. Several other models are made exclusively of Brezent: a tent fabric with improved properties like the Gorka 6 Splav. There are also models made only of Rip-Stop, less comfortable than the Gorka Brezent but more resistant than the classic Gorka made with Gretta fabric. It is strongly recommended to refer to the characteristics of each model individually!

Depending on the materials used your Gorka will be more or less warm. As an indication, you will surely be very hot dressed in a genuine Gorka 3 Bars with temperatures above 20°C.

3/ How to wash the Gorka suit: our washing recommendations

Here are the “official” washing recommendations for your Gorka:

  1. Machine or hand wash at low speed
  2. Wash in hot water (max t ° 40C) with a mild detergent (powder)
  3. Rinse when the water temperature has dropped, with a reduced rotation cycle
  4. Do not bleach with a substance containing chlorine
  5. Iron only on the front side at a press surface temperature of 150-250°C

We have prepared a little list for you based on our experience. It is rather recommended to follow them in order to keep your Gorka in perfect condition even after several years:

  • Wash your Gorka by hand in cold water (temperature 30-40°C) with soap and a brush to remove the dirt.
  • It is best to wring it out with your hands or at low speed in the washing machine (400-600 rpm), the probability of deterioration of the white color of the fabric is then minimal
  • Dry your uniform in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight
  • After a few washes, the classic Gorka bars (as the governmental reference) will gradually lose its water repellent properties. You can treat it with a water repellent product but it will be less breathable during physical activities

4/ Gorka suit sizing & size chart

The Gorka mountain uniform was invented to be used either as an over-suit or as a uniform. That’s why it’s recommended to choose your size according to what you want to do with it: take one size smaller than yours to use it as your main uniform!
On our website, you can refer to each gorka size chart depending on their manufacturer. All our sizes are based on the system of Russian sizes. So don’t forget this very important thing: Gorkas are one size above yours to be used as an over-suit.

Gorka suit types & Gorka suit versions

As you may have noticed there are several types of Gorka and it is not always easy to find yourself among the available choices. Here are the types of Gorka explained:

  • Gorka suit 1: the most basic model made of tent fabric only, without reinforcements, with the simplest design
  • Gorka suit 2: Anorak version of the first designed model. It doesn’t include any major changes, despite the fact that some models have now reinforcements pads.
  • Gorka suit 3: improved over time, this model usually has a classic windproof jacket with more pockets and several reinforcements in its exposed areas (the same goes for the pants)
  • Gorka suit 4: this type of Gorka slightly modified on the basis of its predecessor to become an anorak with a belly pocket
  • Gorka suit 5: a more “tactical” type of Gorka with often additional vertical pockets on the chest. There are also several models with knee and elbow protectors already integrated
  • Gorka suit 6: This type of Gorka is considered the ultimate update of the old designs with ultra-reinforced construction and more adjustments for the waist than its predecessor (the Gorka 5).

Almost all these Gorka models exist in different camouflages. You might as well say that the choice is vast!

Gorka 3 suit review

The most popular model to date is the Gorka 3:

Gorka 4 suit review

An excellent alternative to its big brother, the Gorka 4 offers a different experience thanks to its anorak jacket:

The Best Gorka suits

1/ The “Real” Gorka suits

Many customers and acquaintances have already told us that they are worried about one thing: is this or that model a real Gorka?
Faced with this, it is necessary to clarify the situation.
It is certainly possible to find copies of Gorka in China, although we did not look for it! But what are considered as “official Gorka” are the models of Gorka Bars. The reason is simple: the company bars has several government contracts and therefore, by extension, Gorka bars are “the real deal”.
However, these models are far from being the best!

Gorka suit 3M Bars

2/ The cheap Gorka suits

There are several Russian manufacturers of “cheap” Gorka. These Gorkas are used only by Russian fishermen and some hunters for their low price. But make no mistake: they often complain about it and those who really like this type of military uniform end up buying a better model.

3/ The type of gorka suit thatZZ tachanka wear


Are you a video game player, specifically Rainbow 6? If so, we have a scoop: the wackiest character of the game, the lord Tachanka, wears a camouflaged Gorka himself! Really old-fashioned, the model he wears is still available for sale in limited quantities. We noticed 2 different models: the Gorka 3 digital flora Bars and the Gorka Berezka gold.

Where to buy a Gorka suit?

After getting the trick about the Gorka and its uses, you may have realized that you too want one…
Young rookie, it’s time to get one of our models! If you didn’t know it yet, we have a very large collection of Gorkas of all camouflages and types. If you’re excited about buying a Gorka, just click on this image below and you’ll be redirected to our largest category: there’s something for every taste, from the classic model made by bars to the latest generation model with fleece and integrated knee pads.

See you soon in our military surplus!

1 thought on “What is a gorka suit: everything you need to know”

  1. Hi and thx 4 the review 🙂

    Got mine in today and I must say I’m very pleased with it. Fit and finish wise I mean. Can’t say much ’bout durability obviously. The materials used feel pretty strong.
    Oh and btw, it’s a Gorka 4 suit made by the company Mordor Tac. Would have gone for SSO but they were sold out in the places I looked. The suit looks most to the one made by Bars but divers a bit in details.
    The trousers lack rear pockets (which i don’t use anyway, so not a biggie) In stead they do have the ‘tick traps’ which Gorka 4 from Bars doesn’t have.
    The anorak divers in that the lower front pocket is not divided which was one of the reasons I wanted one made by SSO in the firts place. The material used for the reinforcements feels very strong and adequate for it’s task though not made from a rip-stop fabric (of which I’m not a huge fan anyway other than for say backpacks and stuff).
    Another big difference in contrast to Bars is that Mordor Tac uses so-called ‘Canadian style’ buttons. I think reason being it’s easier to align and thus produce and thereby stronger than conventional stitched on buttons.

    Anyways, this is my ‘2 cents’ on the Gorka suit 4 😉

    grtz – john

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