5 Reasons to Play Airsoft

5 Reasons to Play Airsoft

Do you have extra energy and are you looking for a good outlet? You like to fight on a PC screen at Call of Duty or whatever, but it’s not physical enough for you? Or maybe you’re just looking for a different sport that will give you the sensations you’re looking for?

It’s time to get to know airsoft: Airsoft is a game halfway between war simulation and paintball that will give you all the emotions you need, with less pain. Thanks to a wide variety of game types, different roles in an airsoft team and unforgettable moments, you will be able to really enjoy it.

Today, thanks to the experience of our team (who have been practicing airsoft for almost 10 years!) we will see 5 good reasons to go shooting with your friends or strangers at airsoft. Let’s go!


1/ Why airsoft is good?

Many people don’t understand you right now and may never understand you. But does it really matter? If you want to know more about the benefits of airsoft, you’re in for a treat. You can also skip ahead to the next chapter on airsoft players.

Relieve the pressure of the past week!

Exactly. If you’re the disciplined or even introverted type, or simply someone who works hard every week, day after day, you need to relax. Either the soft way or the hard way!
As for the hard way, unloading magazines of several hundred 6mm bbs on your opponents will work for sure. It’s to your credit that you are able to conduct frontal assaults on the enemy and unleash your rage for the team’s victory. Unless you are rather the cunning type and prefer ambushes? No matter who you are, at airsoft you are always welcome, regardless of age, profession, physics… We’ll come back to this in a next chapter.


Practice a complete sport that includes strategy and short-term tactics.

To be more effective at airsoft, it is often necessary to implement a strategy at the beginning of the game to neutralize the opponent or to achieve the goals set in a roundabout way. This does not exclude the possibility of a long walk of half an hour to go around the opponent’s base, to finally place a dummy bomb and win the game. On paper, it looks easy. But on the field you will have to face the unexpected because you are not alone: the opponents are also equipped with neurons!


Forget virtual games in favor of a full-scale war simulation.

Are you more of the gamer type, looking for a 1/1 scale war simulation? Perfect! You will certainly enjoy playing in coordination with your teammates using long-range communications (radio or telephone). We’ll come back to this point, which is very important for playing airsoft well, in a later chapter. You will also be able to take part in “Milsim” games with a whole chain of effective comandemant. You will receive your instructions and the missions you will have to accomplish with your squad. There are several large parts offering effective troop transports: trucks, tanks, helicopters, cars, quads… Bonus: discover airsoft in Russia with tanks:


2/ Who plays airsoft?

True: Airsoft players are mostly men.

If you want to play airsoft for flirting you’re at a bad time.
It will surely not surprise you: 95% of airsoft players are men under 40 years old. And so much the better, it makes for very dynamic games with only one watchword for the in-between games: camaraderie!
There’s no special rivalry at airsoft because there’s no competition. Individuality does not exist during the games. If you assume the role of the sniper you will be considered as such, you will not have your name on your jersey. You will be nothing more than the team sniper. In other words: at airsoft nobody plays for their reputation!


True: Airsoft players love action:

No one will tell you that he plays airsoft for camping. Or maybe he never realized that it’s not for him! At airsoft you are never bored, there are always new situations and you always go home at the end of the day satisfied. You have to constantly question yourself, quickly analyze each situation and make the right decision in a short time otherwise you’ll get a burst of Kalashnikov and go back to the respawn. In the end, even on the quietest days, you are always satisfied thanks to those unique moments that only airsoft brings you. With the exception of Kevin, this guy who takes himself a little too seriously and rages every 5 minutes for a yes or a no. We’ve all experienced it, whether it’s on the airsoft field or elsewhere.

Yes and No: Airsoft players like to show off:

It is very common for an airsoft player to spend more than 1000€ on equipment of all kinds. It’s also very common to meet players using totally ineffective camouflage on their playground, just because they like it! It would be a shame to play with the camouflage of an army you don’t like?
If you prefer efficiency to style, you’ll be better than most airsoft players who equip themselves just to do what they do on TV or in video games like battlefield or call of duty.


3/ Why is Airsoft a good sport?

With airsoft you work your cardio

You will learn how to make dozens of round trips a day thanks to airsoft! Indeed, if you die at airsoft it’s back to the starting point. So with each new death, it will be a new round trip! During combat situations, if you move well you will have a significant advantage over your enemies. You will be able to operate to circumvent faster, more discreetly, you will also be more incisive in your attacks and this will lead you more easily to victory. You also can do supplementary exercises to work on your cardio abilities.


Airsoft helps you to make the right decisions quickly

When you are faced with a whole group of enemies who want to fight with you, you have to be able to make a decision quickly! And this is also the case with thousands of other situations! Let’s say you’re a group of 5, hidden in the thickets, and a whole squad of 10 enemies is approaching you:

  1. Do you shoot on sight?
  2. Are you waiting for the last moment to shoot?
  3. You run away?

Each of these potential choices will change your playing style and thus your effectiveness on the field. It is sometimes wiser to shoot on sight and run away rather than trying to clear the field while waiting for your opponent to be at optimal range to eliminate them all. The confidence in your partners, the reliability of your equipment and your physical condition will determine the right moment!


Airsoft is a team game

At airsoft, coordination is a crucial point. You will never be able to win against a whole team, alone. That’s why it is crucial to use the right communication with walkie-talkies! With an effective distance of several hundred meters for the weakest models, you will already be in a much better position to coordinate your attacks or the defense of your objectives against the enemy. Here’s how to get to the top:

4/ Is airsoft better than paintball?

At Kula Tactical we assume that airsoft is better than paintball! It’s been almost 10 years that we practice this sport and every Sunday something new happens. New situations, with new players, with (if the wallet allows it) new equipment, happen constantly. But the main reason why we wouldn’t abandon airsoft for anything in the world in favor of paintball is mainly for the use of military equipment so specific to airsoft. You can play American GI, Russian Spetsnaz or French Gign, and thus adapt your game according to your equipment. Airsoft guns replicas can shoot from about 25 to 100 meters; it all depends on the model you use! If you want to perch on a tree with your bolt action sniper rifle, dressed with a sniper’s guillie, no problem. You will be ultra-efficient to make long-range shots in all discretion and nobody will see you. If you’re in a rabid mood, then grab your tactical shield and go for it with your machine pistol in your other hand! It’s also thanks to all the different styles of games that airsoft is really a must-see activity. There’s something for everyone.

5/ Best way to play airsoft

There are several types of airsoft games. We have identified for you precisely the best way to play airsoft. It may surprise you, but since there is no competition in airsoft we have made the following decision: the best way to play airsoft is the way you like it the most!
Some people love to slide, roll, run around and finally finish their race under enemy fire after taking out an entire squad. Others prefer to stay calm, patient, shoot at the right time so they don’t miss a shot and advance carefully without giving up ground to the opponent. If you play your own way and stick together as a team, you’ll be the happiest airman.


In conclusion, airsoft is an excellent way to wage war without killing. The trajectory of the 6mm bbs fired by an airsoft rifle is sufficiently accurate up to 100 meters for snipers and close to 60 meters for automatic rifles, which is more than enough to make medium-range shots.
If you’re a fan of war games, don’t join the army with these kinds of ideas in mind. Go to airsoft instead:

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  1. I’m very regretful that China doesn’t allow we to use the airsoft weapons like what you are using.The airsoft weapons in China only can shoot the things we call it ‘Crystal bullets” a kinds of SAP that is round,so I think I can’t buy these beautiful airsofts beacuse China is really strict about these “gun”, if I buy it ,I may will have a tea in the police office… therefor, I’m really worried that cula prommis ”You are guaranteed to receive this replica regardless of your country” can’t be true…by the way,can anybody explan whats your mining NPO AEG Part Tactical Rail Mount VAL/VSS’s descrption”100% Steel: no chinese cheap shit”?!!!

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