Airsoft in Russia

Airsoft in Russia

Airsoft in Russia can be slightly different from other countries: in terms of rules, terrain but also mentalities. Today we’re going to dissect all that. Let’s go:

1/ Russian airsoft games

A) Russian airsoft team

Russian airsoft team

Team play is undoubtedly the most important game on Russian playgrounds. Every region has its teams, existing for a more or less long time! So if you want to play airsoft in Russia, you will have to find a team to share the victory with: this is very difficult alone as players fight in groups. In order for everyone to use a different camouflage from the others, new teams first have to do an overview to see which camouflage is already being used or not, and then if so, ask the team already using that camouflage if it is possible to use it.
Radios: a must for any team worthy of the name. Since it is easy to disperse on Russian terrain (they are often very large), it is strongly advised to have a good radio capable of transmitting at least 1km away. It is very useful to get your bearings and to stay coordinated with your teammates.

If you desire to find a team to play airsoft in Russia go to the Russian social network n°1: You’ll need a translator for that.

B) Russian airsoft laws

The laws concerning airsoft in Russia are flexible: the replicas have a power allowed up to 3 Joules. There are no other restrictions. Of course, playing on fields without agreement with the owner is forbidden. However, the rules of the games may change depending on the organizers. For example, it is forbidden to shoot within 15 meters for the “red” airsoft replicas, those with a power greater than 120 m/s. Apart from that, airsoft in Russia remains very free and that’s a good thing.

2/ Russian airsoft field

The USSR will have left something positive for Russia: exceptional airsoft fields! With its old children’s summer camps, entire abandoned administrative buildings and huge forests, the diversity of the Russian landscape is just exceptional for airsoft.

A) Outdoor Russian airsoft

It is very common to go on a mission in the Russian forests. The most common are birch forests, which are very clean. It sometimes even houses old buildings, remains of children’s rest centers or other abandoned buildings of all kinds. Russia being a huge country, there is a multitude of practicable terrains. The vestiges of the USSR are very appreciated for fighting from one building to another: 

For this kind of parts, it is better to attach on its airsoft replica a good rifle scope and dress up with a good 3D camo viper hood. The Russian forests are wooded with many small trees and it is sometimes difficult to find a cover to your advantage. The distance at which you are able to shoot will be a decisive point for victory!

B) CQB Russian airsoft

Ah, the remnants of the USSR… If this regime was a real hell for its inhabitants, it has at least the merit of having left a good thing behind it: the vestiges of its time! And yes, there are a lot of abandoned buildings all over the country. They come in all sizes and types: Deserted administrative center, ruined summer camp (with small 2-story buildings scattered in the forest), old factories, etc… The CQB parts in Russia are very aggressive, where only one watchword reigns: the total destruction of the enemy:


3/ Russian airsoft event

There are in Russia as everywhere else different annual events that bring together players from different regions, even for some of the players from all over the world! Are you ready to discover this?

A) Milsim: Russian military airsoft

As everywhere, there are milsim games in Russia. The players there are very disciplined, well-trained, and capable of kicking your ass on the battlefield. The most important thing is probably the coordination between the players. As mentioned above, Russian airsoft is played as a team. Airsoft milsim is more reserved for teams that want to take their game to the next level, looking for unique performance while being restricted by realism (with magazines with a capacity of 30 to 50 shots maximum, for example). Dreadful, these teams enjoy learning real military techniques. This is when the game elements come into play: realistic bombs, trenches, booby-trapped buildings… And real tanks!

B) Airsoft war: play with a tank in Russia

Russian airsoft became famous thanks to its videos where you can see tanks firing in-game. Don’t worry, these are harmless blank shots! This is exactly what adds a “real” side to the big games, comparable to real little airsoft wars! These machines are piloted by professionals who are often military pilots, still under contract with the army. They are volunteers to participate in this kind of events, it must be said that they have a rather important role since players are sometimes required to travel great distances: the tank is in this case no longer a less to put pressure on the enemy but a real means of transport!

Play with tanks in russia

4/ Wargame: the best russian airsoft event

If you’ve heard about a big part of airsoft in Russia with tanks, it’s not for nothing: this event is monstrous! It’s a real gathering of players from all over Russia but also foreigners from all countries: USA, Germany, France, Korea, Japan, etc…
In addition to being a huge part of airsoft, it is also a real challenge from a strategic point of view. The terrain is immense, and each misstep can lead an entire squadron to be decimated.

If you are interested in this event, please note that it takes place twice a year. Indeed, there is an airsoft season in Russia because most of the terrain are impracticable in winter. The number 1 part of the wargames take place in Moscow for the opening of the season, while the number 2 part takes place just before winter, still in moscow, to ring the end of the season.

Are you looking for thrills? Are you interested in Russia? Don’t wait any longer, go and fight with tanks surrounded by Slavs ready to fight!
All you have to do is book your tourist visa and a plane ticket in advance. However it is advised to go there with good friends, it will be more fun!

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