Top 3 Modern Spetsnaz Loadouts

Top 3 Modern Spetsnaz Loadouts

You want to have the style of the last Russian special forces operator but don’t know which unit to start with, or you simply lack reliable references?
We have prepared an article for you to guide you during your reflection phase, here are the best modern Spetsnaz loadouts

3 kits are on the menu today:

  1. Modern VDV loadout
  2. Modern SOBR loadout
  3. Modern MVD loadout

We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for the recommended items. We leave that job to the sofa experts: The final choice of articles, brands, and colors is up to you… After all, these are only advices based on actual kits:

1/ Modern VDV Spetsnaz loadout

Speaking of airborne troops, parachute jumps often come to the mind of the common man. This is of course a crucial step for the deployment of these units. However, it is not enough to win the battle because their successful descents do not influence their actions on the ground.

Modern VDV loadout

All their equipment has been studied in-depth to be as comfortable as possible, modular, and resistant enough to last several years while ensuring that the cost of the equipment is within the allocated budget.

Modern VDV loadout Kit List:

  • Headwear: Very often used by these units for its efficiency and lightness, the 6b47 helmet with an adapted digital flora cover is the preferred model for VDV units. The hood of their suit is also very great for undercover units.
  • Uniform: Some branch of the VDV recommends the use of classic uniforms but in general, they use the reversible suit 6sh122 ratnik. It provides them with a camouflage adaptable to the terrain on which they are parachuted.
  • Tactical Vest: Source of very tense discussions, the choice of the tactical vest remains critical. It was admitted for a while that the best vest is the 6sh112 but since it does not provide any ballistic protection it is strongly recommended to use the modulable 6b46 plate carrier. With a couple of pouches, it’s the perfect model for such a kit.
  • Gloves: The choice of gloves remains quite personal. It is accepted that these units use mostly leather gloves of Russian Splav manufacture or simple fleece gloves of some kind.
  • Boots: The unavoidable pair of leather rangers is a must for VDV special units! The resistance of these shoes and the fact that they are waterproof is not for nothing.
  • Weapon: as always, the AK74 has a privileged place within these special units. But the AS VAL and especially its cousin the VSS Vintorez has a particular role to play since they allow precision shots at long and medium distances equipped with an original PSO scope.


2/ Modern SOBR Spetsnaz loadout

The amateurs know how to appreciate the photo shootings of the Russian SOBR. And you, do you know these units?
Well, to make it simple we can compare them with the well known American SWAT units. They are Spetsnaz units intended for carrying out muscular and (very) risky police actions. To learn more about them you can refer to this more detailed article, but now you know the basics.


Being independent of each other, all these units are free to equip themselves as they wish. It’s good, the choice of available equipment is vast in Russia. This selection is not meant to be a reconstruction since overnight the unit you want to model can use completely different equipment.

However, there are several types of uniforms, ballistic protection and weapons that constantly come back in the list of equipment selected by these units to go hunting for terrorists.

The model present on the pictures is an operator of the SOBR group “Taktika”.

Modern SOBR loadout Kit List proposal:

  • Headwear: The operator presented above does not use a helmet for the simple reason that the photoshoot does not require one. A simple baseball cap with a balaclava is enough for such a situation, but in case of a real intervention they’ll go for sure for a Lshz 1+ special helmet.
  • Uniform: Thanks to a uniform close to the body combining maneuverability and high resistance, these units are very fast during their action phases. The TSU-3 uniform from Splav is highly appreciated for these characteristics.
  • Tactical Vest: Not a single soldier working for the SOBR special forces leaves on a mission without body armor. Traditional vests being heavy and cumbersome, the SOBR Taktika uses only a light plate carrier like the Zashita V2 from Stich Profi.
  • Gloves: The choice of gloves remains very personal. Splav’s Rage gloves are simple and effective.
  • Boots: Prefer a pair of semi-upper shoes, lighter and more agreeable than the classic ranger shoes. The shoes pair “Aravaï” by Splav is perfect for that type of mission.
  • Weapon: Presented here with a PP-19 Vityaz, SOBR operators are required to work with different weapons depending on their function within their respective unit. The use of a SR3 Vikhr is perfectly adapted to the role of the Taktika SOBR.


3/ Modern MVD Spetsnaz loadout

You may not know it, but MVD is not a unit. It is simply the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. A large number of units are attached to it, called the VV MVD (internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs). We have chosen a rather special loadout for you, since it is a longstanding but still current equipment in many spetsnaz units with little media coverage.

Here is the 33 OSN Peresvet:


As you can see, this equipment is more classical, remains simple in its use and above all… It’s really badass! The camouflage Izlom used by this unit gives it all its cachet.

  • Headwear: The use of a 6b7-1M with a classical helmet cover or an adapted izlom cover is strongly recommended to model this unit.
  • Uniform: To fight in all weather and all seasons, a Gorka 5 with removable fleece in camo Izlom will serve as an excellent base for this kit.
  • Tactical Vest: The bagary bulletproof vest is preferred to complete this equipment. Equipped with a Molle attachment system, it is more convenient to use than combining a Russian tactical vest smersh with an older model of ballistic vest such as the 6b23-1.
  • Gloves: Simple fleece gloves or leather gloves, depending on the time of the year, will do the job very well.
  • Boots: No choice! To be at the top in all weather conditions it is strongly recommended to use waterproof leather boots.
  • Weapon: As usual the famous AK74 has an important place in the MVD units. The AS VAL with its integrated suppressor and its perforant bullets is however a quality choice to fight.


As you have seen, there is something for everyone when it comes to equipment for Russian special forces. Do not hesitate to let us know if you spotted an accuracy in this article or for any other suggestion.
See you on the field comrade:

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