Surpat (Survival Pattern) Camo

Surely one of the best in the world, if not the best. Owned by SRVV “Survival Corps”, it is available in three variations: Classic, Savanna, 3D. Each one has its own speciality, so you can choose an equipment more adapted to the greenery or the steppe.


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The SURPAT® (Survival Pattern) digital camouflage with its new color shades was developed by the Russian company SURVIVAL CORPS.
The decision to develop it came from dissatisfaction with the different camouflage patterns, which were either too dark or too light and could not meet the need to have one universal camouflage and look modern.

NIR – paints are selected with different absorption and reflection in the near infrared spectrum (600-860 nm). Tests of the material were carried out in an American laboratory. The material has been camouflaging in the near infrared since 2011. The degree of reflection in the IR range depends on the material (nylon/cotton or Cordura).

Surpat Pattern effectiveness

Surpat Classic

Surpat color

Were chosen colors dominated by gray for the city, green and brown for the forest, brown and gray for the steppe, and gray and black for the mountains. Virtually the pattern and shades of colors adjust to any terrain, allowing you to remain invisible to your enemy. Our color and pattern can camouflage in a very wide range, compared to other colors more specialized to a specific terrain.

Surpat 3D

Surpat 3D color

Designed for arid landscapes: the colors are chosen to match the prevailing shades of soil, dry grass, bark of bushes, trees and green vegetation.

Surpat Savanna

Surpat Savanna color

SURPAT® 3D is an updated version of the classic SURPAT®. Designed for forest, mountain and urban landscapes. The colors have been selected based on the prevailing shades of soil, bark of shrubs, trees, greenery and urban suburbs.


Triary Tactical Pants Surpat 3D SRVV

Surpat combat pants

Find all the Surpat trousers for your future missions. They are designed for professionals, giving them protection against the natural elements and during intensive physical activities.

Combat Shirt SRVV Savanna

Surpat combat shirt

Equip yourself with an Surpat combat shirt to maintain good movement ability. They will ensure good air circulation, so you can focus on your mission.

TIKSI EVO Winter Jacket

Surpat jackets

From simple weather protection to perfect camouflage in all circumstances, our jackets will keep you warm and dry while helping you stay undetected


Surpat headwear

The must have accessory for discreet tracking sessions. It breaks the human form to better camouflage you in a hostile environment and protects your head from grime and high temperatures in style.

Official SRVV Tshirt Surpat

Surpat T-shirts

Protect your head from grime and high temperatures in style. There’s no way you’re going to get a heat stroke, our caps will keep you on top.


This camouflage is used almost exclusively by Russian special forces. Because of its relatively high cost, only the best units use it. It has also been seen in Syria, Ukraine and Africa on several occasions, worn by spetsnaz agents. It is one of the most effective patterns in the world to date.


Worldwide Best Sellers


Front Plate Carrier "Thorax" Roc Lt


A fighter is nothing without his equipment. Maximize your tactical gear carrying capacity with our Surpat vests.

Spec Ops Backpack

Surpat backpacks

To complete an already well supplied equipment without betraying your camouflage. Our bags are available in several volumes, from assault bags to large trekking bags of more than 30 liters.

AK Double Mag Pouch Universal Adjustable Quick Relise QBox-2

Surpat Pouches

The essential tool for any shooter. Whether on your belt or on your vest, our MOLLE tactical pouches will always be at hand when you need them.

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