Partizan Camo (SS Leto/Autumn)

This Russian spetsnaz camouflage is often used by special units. Its performance has made it very popular with intelligence teams, needing a discreet approach for scouting. For camouflage in the forest, it will clearly be one of your best allies.


The Partizan camouflage was originally the name of the camouflage suit produced by SSO-SPOSN, and later the pattern itself became known as such. The designer “Kapishnikov” from SSO created a pattern copying the SS camouflage of the 1940s. The original blouse was taken as an example, the colors and pattern were slightly modified and patented.

It was with surprise immediately adopted by many Russian special forces, first of all Vityaz special forces, but also Alfa, Vympel, units of the Ministry of Defense and even border guards. In 2004, the Partizan camo of SSO were widely seen in Beslan on the fighters of “Alpha” and “Vympel”. After that, the Western press commented on the events in the following spirit: “the country that won the Second World War dresses its special forces in SS uniforms”.

SS Leto Camouflage effetiveness
SS-Leto Partizan Summer Pattern


The originally created version, the most widespread in the Russian-speaking world and in general. It is optimized for the summer season as its name indicates.

SS Autumn Partizan Pattern


The version created in the second time to respond to a changing environment, yellowed by the autumn season. It is also suitable for winter depending on your location.

SS Spring medusa pattern


Also called “Medusa”, it is the last color of the series. It is optimized for a flowering environment, in spring. It is particularly effective in greenery.


combat shirt partizan

Partizan combat shirt

Equip yourself with an Partizan camouflage combat t-shirt to maintain good movement ability. They will ensure good air circulation, so you can focus on your mission.

combat pants partizan for hot climate

Partizan combat pants

Find all the Parrtizan trousers for your future missions. They are designed for professionals, giving them protection against the natural elements and during intensive physical activities.

Gorka Autumn

Partizan Gorka Suits

The gorka military outfit will protect you from cold and bad weather better than any other garment. This model was invented during the Afghan war

Spetsnaz Uniform  KZM K2 Light SS Leto

Partizan uniforms

With our jacket and pant kits you will be ready for the field right away. No need to worry about color variations due to different brands, our Partizan BDU are all one color and will keep you camouflaged on the field.

partizan camo hat

Partizan headwear

The must have accessory for discreet tracking sessions. It breaks the human form to better camouflage you in a hostile environment and protects your head from grime and high temperatures in style.

Partizan Camo Tee Shirt

Partizan T-shirts

Protect your head from grime and high temperatures in style. There’s no way you’re going to get a heat stroke, our caps will keep you on top.


There are precisely 3 variants of this camouflage: the SS-summer, SS-spring and SS-fall. Specialists of the armed forces often use their uniforms on both sides, these being often reversible. Their camouflage is therefore adaptive according to the season. However, using a dedicated version is recommended for optimal performance.


The camo partizan is used mainly by the special forces of the Russian Federation.
It is also appreciated by the airsofteurs for the reconstruction of Russian units, but also of the hunters.

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