Izlom “Skol” Camo

This camouflage pattern is excellent in a coniferous forest on a sunny day, when the rays of light shine through the branches of pine and spruce trees and hit the ground and the uniform. This pattern is a commercial Russian version derived from the German Bundeswehr camo Flecktarn.


Izlom camouflage is a type of camouflage used in the Russian Federation and developed by Russian manufacturers. This type of camouflage can also be found under the name “Skol”.
This camo was made for the uniforms of the spetsnaz of the Ministry of Interior, later replaced by the Atacs FG.

Izlom is most effective in August and September. It is during this time period that the coloring of forest and field terrain takes on a similar “kink” hue. While it is almost ideal camouflage for the midlands, it is not at all suitable for rocky terrain or for use in the steppe or desert.

Izlom Pattern Effectiveness


Russian Gorka Suit 3 Izlom

Izlom uniforms

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Russian Jacket Izlom

Izlom jackets

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Boonie Hat with Neck flap izlom

Izlom headwear

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Around 2004, Izlom began to be actively used not only in the military environment, but also by players in strikeball and hunters. The demand for “chipping” generated a supply and an increase in the production of this type of camouflage fabric.


The Izlom camouflage is a slightly improved version of the Flecktarn, which is more suitable for Russian territory. It is used by special forces, and was for a long time used by paratroopers.

To do reconstruction of Russian military units, it is better to wear a Smersh vest in olive color. Choose the one that suits with the type of weapon you carry.

We have grouped all our Izlom camouflage gear on this page for you. You will find mainly clothes, in particular: gorkas in Izlom, pants, covers heads and jackets. Everything is produced in Russia, you will receive only authentic items.

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