Blue Digital Camo

Used by the Russian National Guard and the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), this camouflage is mainly used to make these troops distinguishable from others. Another similar variant is used by the US Navy, this time to make the soldiers less visible against the sea.


After the creation in Russia of special units on the basis of internal troops and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), which were charged with the protection of special facilities, countering crime, immediate response to calls about illegal actions, storming buildings and structures, as well as professional fight against terrorism within the country, it was decided to create a special coloring to distinguish them from other special units.

The decision was made in the direction of the classical digital flora of the EMR type, but in blue, since before that the units had worn blue (gray) reed uniforms.

Digital blue pattern


Tactical Softshell Pants   Mistral-2 XPS Pixel Blue

Blue Digital pants

Find all the blue pixel trousers for your future missions. They are designed for professionals, giving them protection against the natural elements and during intensive physical activities.

Camo Jacket Blue Waterproof

Blue Digital jackets

From simple weather protection to perfect camouflage in all circumstances, our jackets will keep you warm and dry while helping you stay undetected

Military Uniform  Defender CPR Pixel Blue

Blue Digital uniforms

With our jacket and pant kits you will be ready for the field right away. No need to worry about color variations due to different brands, our blue pixel BDU are all one color and will keep you camouflaged on the field.

Tactical Cap  Condor TPR Without Velcro

Blue Digital headwear

The must have accessory for discreet tracking sessions. It breaks the human form to better camouflage you in a hostile environment and protects your head from grime and high temperatures in style.


This camouflage (slightly different analog variation) was used by the US navy until 2019. It was then replaced by a standard camouflage. Today it is used with the Russian National Guard mainly, some private security companies, and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is thus visible in town mainly.

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