Spetsnaz Helmet Replica ZSH 1-2

It’s time to start assembling your Russian kit to play as an old school MVD’s unit! Widely used with Spetsnaz, this ZSH 1-2 helmet is a great classic for good head protection.

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  • Great comfort even with the visor: the helmet is padded inside
  • Universal size: adjustable for all head sizes
  • Realistic weight: about 1.2kg !
  • High resistance: can endure the test of hammer hits
  • Precise copy of the original model
  • Helmet base: 5mm fiberglass impact resistant
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Manufacturer: Gear Craft

Our replica doesn’t protect from any bullet

About the Original ZSH 1-2

The ZSh-1 is a Russian helmet made of composite and aramid. This version called Zsh 1-2 is the lightest version because it’s provided without a visor. There is another model of that helmet with a one-piece transparent polycarbonate visor, much more suitable for close Spetsnaz interventions.It has been produced by the Russian company NPP KLASS since the mid-1990s. The base of the ZSh-1 helmet is made of one piece, the protection area is 13.8/14.5 dm square. Depending on the units it is distributed in three colors: black, green or camouflage (with or without helmet cover). The ZSh-1 was the model most often used to equip the MVD units (units internal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Highly appreciated for its good performance, it is most often worn without its polycarbonate visor… You can see more information about the ZSH 1 serie here.

High-quality replica of the Russian helmet ZSH 1-2

It is an excellent choice if you decide to model a Russian special forces unit: our replica is an exact reproduction of the military model and can be sent to your home without customs problems !

Weight1200 g


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