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Warranty and returns

Warranty for airsoft guns

Every airsoft gun are under warranty.

  • Internal parts are under guarantee for a month after reception of an airsoft gun.
  • External parts are under guarantee for the next 2 years after reception.

We’ll send directly to the concerned client the broken part he want to change. We work that way :

  1. Client have to communicate us the serial number of his airsoft gun and may have to join a proof of its problem (photo/video)
  2. We determine the source of the problem
  3. We send the concerned broken part
  4. Client will receive the part and he’ll ready to change it without any fees !

Global warranty

If something is broken at reception of an order, if you buy wrong clothes size, or for any other problem, please contact us.

Every issues are fixing individualy to agree with each client the best way we can.

We can refound the order, change items or give a promo code applying on all the shop.


Airsoft guns can’t be returned to Russia.

We accept every other products. Paypal offer free return up to 30€ for one shipment.

We may ask you fees to complete the new shipment to you.

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