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VKS "Vykhlop" NPO AEG

vks vykhlop airsoft



The VKS Vykhlop is the first airsoft HPA sniper in the world with an integrated air tank : it’s an heavy caliber silenced bulpup sniper. It was created on demand for a special order of the FSB to stop vehicules and armored target at a distance of 600m.

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The exclusive model of the VKS "Vykhlop"

Unique in the world, that sniper work with internal hpa tanks placed in its suppressor. It need only an air charge to work as a bolt sniper or as a semi automatic sniper. Also known as VSSK Vychlop sniper, the real model is capabe to neutralise non armored vehicule and armored infantry (armor of 16mm steel) up to 600 meters distance.

Features :

  • Strong and reliable body
  • Original phosphate coating for weapons
  • Original scale
  • High details level
  • Integrated air Tank in the suppressor. it's possible to fill it with an air pump with any disassembly.

The VSSK Airsoft sniper is a worldwide exclusivity.

It has unique performances and an unique style.

An unique airsoft rifle

That airsoft gun is hand made with artisanal process in Russia. Buying this product you get an exclusive model with an unique serial number. Some little imperfections due to the fabrication method are making this replica even closest to the real one, and give it its own history.

About the original

The VSSK sniper (VKS is just another way to spell it out), is a heavy caliber silenced bulpup sniper. It was created to satisfy a special order of the FSB with the special rifle ASH-12, an analog of as val and vss vintorez series. The sniper itself was presented to the public for the first time in 2005 year. Its main purpose : to neutralise non armored vehicule and armored infantry.

Global Features

  • Lenght : 1125mm
  • Weight : 4000g
  • Material : Steel / Polyamide
  • Original phosphate coating for weapons
  • Energy : Electric HPA (Air tank in the suppressor) - Up to 800 shots with 140 m/s of power
  • Battery : Li-Po, 1100 мАh/7.4 V. DEAN (30c recomanded)
  • Power : adjustable up to 3 Joules
  • Fire Modes : Bolt action / Semi automatic
  • Hop up : Adjustable
  • Magazine Capacity : 50 shots

Internal Features

  • Inner Barrel : 650mm * 6.02
  • Hop Up : AK series
  • Number of firing shot in one air charge : 1500

Buying this airsoft gun you beneficiate a 2 years warranty service for external parts. You can referee at the warranty and returns page.

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