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Sniper Gear Viper Hood “Alligator”


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This viper hood sniper “Alligator” will serve as your base for your missions. With its camo attachment system, you can adapt it for all seasons and all terrains.

Atacs FG
EMR (Digi Flora)
Olive Drab - OD
Pencott GreenZone
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The Viperhood Alligator is designed to give you a gain of discretion against the enemy by making you harder to detect. By breaking up the upper part of the human silhouette, from head to torso, you’ll still be as mobile as a conventional uniform with a powerful camouflage gain that will protect you perfectly while sitting, crouching or lying down. Not allowing the sniper a 360° camouflage, however, this is a great option for covering scouting groups or saboteurs.

A practical viperhood for combat

  • Special design, created to attach additional camouflage elements. Allows for easy attachment of vegetation, fabric, burlap and other camo elements to create the required effect in the field.
  • Critical to traditional guillies, this viperhood’s hood is breathable and will remain comfortable in warm weather.
  • Thanks to its amplitude, the hood can be used with a cap, a bush hat or even a military helmet without problems. It is adjustable in volume and depth for more comfort.
  • The visibility on your sides will not be totally reduced, thanks to the use of a mesh on the hood you will always see what is going on on your right and on your left
  • Short sleeves : practical for combat, they are slightly longer than the back of the arm. It does not interfere at all with shooting, either when aiming or when moving. They have an elastic adjustment.
  • Long fit : fully covers back to mid-thigh/knee and a large part of chest for an improved camouflage
  • The viper hood can be made more or less baggy : it is suitable for use in warm or cold seasons, you can easily wear some other clothes layers under it.
  • Can be worn over a backpack by adjusting its size thanks to the adjustment system.
  • Universal size from XS to 6XL: many size adjustments available
  • Materials: 50% cotton / 50% polyester ripstop fabric

We recommend using at least 25 of our 3D camo leaves for optimal performances.

Made In Russia

Brand: Giena tactics

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