Scout Sniper Camo Viper Hood “Prizrak”


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This Viper Hood Prizrak developed by the Russian company SSO – SPOSN is a simple and effective solution to improve your camouflage quickly.


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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

This viper hood prizrak in short

Viper hood “Prizrak” is an additional element of easy camouflage invented by the company SSO – SPOSN, easy to use and effective almost instantly. Appreciated by the armed forces, especially by reconnaissance units, it is a quick way to improve camouflage in rural areas.

Technical details:

  • The viper hood is elongated, covering the sides, back part with a lower cut just below the buttock area, with short sleeves to the elbows, with a hood and without the chest part.
  • The viper hood is held on the torso by two horizontal fastenings-fasteners located, when closed, at the top of the chest.
  • For a tighter fit to the body, along the edges of both of the upper front sections are elastic adjustments.
  • For better ventilation the right and left thirds of the deep hood are made of thin mesh fabric and the central section of the same mix fabric.
  • The hood is removable and is attached to the viper hood with velcro.
  • The size of the cells on the viper hood are of an optimal size for further weaving of camouflage components.
  • The cape is lightweight, takes up little space in the backpack, is perfectly ventilated, and does not prevent crawling and carrying of any tactical vests.
  • Materials: blended fabric 50% cotton / 50% polyester
Weight 1100 g

One size fits all


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