Scout Sniper Camo Viper Hood “Myata” 3D Leaf

Become one with your environment with that viper hood leaf. Allowing you to attack at the most opportune moment, it will sow doubt in your enemy.

Category: Brand: Swamp Mint Workshop
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • Includes an elongated facial camouflage net: completely masks your face and torso. It can be stored with attachments on the hood.
  • IR Reflective: remains undetectable with an infrared scope
  • Low weight: does not encumber the soldier during his missions
  • Small volume when folded: fits in a medium utility pouch or a cargo pocket of pants (the smallest versions only)
  • Two types of cut foliage: better break the human form on the field
  • No foliage sewn strictly horizontally or vertically
  • Minimum space between foliage: no empty areas, effective camouflage
  • Fasteners are present to attach vegetation specific to your mission area, or special camouflage materials.
  • The base of the viper hood is meshed: it provides increased body ventilation and good audibility even with the hood.
  • Free belly area: easy to use together with a chest rig or plate carrier. The viper hood will not interfere with the extraction of magazines from their pouches.
  • Adjustment of the hood by elastic, in width and volume
  • The viper hood closes with a “fasteks” clip at the chest. It is placed in such a way that it will not come to position itself at the level of the neck and cause an unpleasant discomfort, while not interfering with the work in tactical vest.
  • Choice of viper hood back size: short, mid-length or long. The short version is sufficient to cover the back part of a tactical vest. For a tactical vest with a small backpack, the mid-length is more suitable. The long length provides excellent camouflage, ideal for crouched or prone shooting positions.
  • Sleeve size: choice of short or long. Short sleeves are slightly more practical for reflex shooting, while the long variant provides much better camouflage. The long sleeves have thumb loops to keep them in place and cover the upper part of your hands.

A Viper Hood used by professionals

Myata’s sniper clothing is designed for all types of camouflage-related uses: hunting, airsoft, warfare. They are worn in Russia by defense professionals such as SOBR special forces and OMON spetsnaz. Many of them do not declare themselves directly at the time of checkout preferring anonymity, the identity of other Russian sniper units wearing their creations will remain at their discretion.Be sure to choose the camouflage you want to wear, as it should be appropriate for your area of action. Only in this way you will be able to enjoy the full potential of your Viper Hood Myata 3D Leaf.

Weight700 g



Wide cut


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