Tactical Combat Pants Velite – Surpat 3D


The Velite Pants Surpat 3D SRVV colorway is suitable for most forest terrain in different parts of the world and has been proven by years of testing.

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Choose an option
XS/176cm (5,8ft)
M/176cm (5,8ft)
M/182cm (6ft)
L/170 (5,6ft)
L/176cm (5,8ft)
XL/170cm (5,6ft)
XL/176cm (5,8ft)
XL/188cm (6,2ft)
2XL/170cm (5,6ft)
2XL/176cm (5,8ft)
3XL/170cm (5,6ft)
3XL/182cm (6ft)
3XL/188cm (6,2ft)
4XL/170cm (5,6ft)
4XL/176cm (5,8ft)
4XL/188cm (6,2ft)
5XL/176cm (5,8ft)
5XL/182cm (6ft)
Category: Combats Pants Brand: SRVV


This velite pants surpat 3d srvv in short:

This pant is patented by SRVV company. It is the new design of combat clothing largely inspired by its big brother, the Triarius uniform, which has been taken here as a basis. Thanks to the use of high quality materials and unique design work, this series of military pants offers a unique camouflage quality for dry areas, optimal comfort and reliability to the wearer.

This velite pants surpat 3d srvv in details:

  • Model with 6 pockets
  • The bottom of the pants is tightened by a nylon band
  • Wide ergonomic three-layer belt with elastic bands on the sides. Wide belt loops. Two buttons on the front
  • Zipped codpiece
  • Pads on the knees
  • Fabric: Surpat 3D, 50% nylon / 50% cotton, MIL-SPEC, NIR (near-infrared camouflage). Material produced in the USA under license from Survival Corps

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2 velcro side patch pockets, each with a small pocket sewn inside for a flashlight, smartphone and an elastic band for attaching magazines.
  • 2 back pockets with velcro
  • 2 voluminous slash caraman

Additional information

Weight600 g

Surpat 3D


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