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Experience realistic combat conditions when training or playing airsoft! With our training sapi plates you will get the same load as in real operations.

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Category: Non Ballistic Training Plates Brand: Armets Models


  • All sizes are availables: from XS to XL plus the 10×19″ special size
  • 2 types of weight: authentic and realistic weight perfect for pure training in combat conditions or lighter weight more adapted for reconstruction as for airsoft
  • Our non-ballistic plates are suitable for CIRAS, LBT-6094, JPC, PC and any other type of plate carriers using that type of SAPI plates
  • Our Sapi plates have original dimensions and have the closest possible shape of a bend
  • Set delivered with 2 plates: the prices displayed correspond to a kit of one front plate and one back plate
  • 21 mm plate thickness : like the original
  • Material: layers of Aluminum Composite

Weight of different sizes for 1 plate :

  1. Size XS : 1.30kg for a realistic weight / 0.80kg for a lightweight
  2. Size S : 1.60kg for a realistic weight / 0.90kg for a lightweight
  3. Size M : 1.85kg for a realistic weight / 1.10kg for a lightweight
  4. Size L : 2.10kg for a realistic weight / 1.20kg for a lightweight
  5. Size XL : 2.40kg for a realistic weight / 1.30kg for a lightweight
  6. Size 10×12″ : 1.80kg for a realistic weight / 1.10kg for a lightweight

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