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The Best Russian Airsoft Guns

Everyone knows the typical rifles usable in call of duty, the same rifles that we all saw in Hollywood films. The list is complete enough, but where are the Russian weapons in such audiovisual contents ? Some cult eastern rifles like the Kalashnikov are represented everywhere in the hands of the bad guys. Mixed with a bottle of vodka, here are the most used symbols to represent the bad communist ! We’re all against the soviet and communism, don’t you ? You probably wouldn’t like to encounter with the political commissar of your town and see your house requisitioned !

The fact is, these films and video games are very restricted in terms of representation of Russian military weapons. AR15 are not bad, but do you know which Russian rifles are the best ?

Today we’ll present you the top Russian airsoft guns of every types : rifles, pistols, SMG, DMR, sniper… But, not everyone is a master in the customization of internal parts ?️. So our selection is based on physical and internal proprieties, we’ll not talk about Chinese cheap shit but about nice airsoft replicas with a good external and a functional internal directly out of the box.

Summary :

  1. Best Russian airsoft pistol
  2. Best Russian airsoft shotgun
  3. Best Russian airsoft SMG
  4. Best Russian airsoft rifle
  5. Best Russian airsoft DMR
  6. Best Russian airsoft sniper
  7. Best Russian airsoft LMG (light machine gun)
  8. Best Russian airsoft grenade launcher
  9. Best Russian airsoft grenade
  10. Best Russian made airsoft gun (Bonus)

1/ Best Russian airsoft pistol

Airsoft players of all around the globe are facing a shortage of Russian airsoft pistols. Multiple manufacturers already tried to bring to the airsoft community pleasant models but without success. The best models ever created so far are still the Makarov pistol Co2 from KWC and the TT-33 gas blowback from WE. The power of the TT-33 model is much more appreciable than the Makarov (very powerful), so we really advise that one. If you’re modeling some more modern Russian military units or even special forces, then a Glock can fit your loadout : you can find plenty of them, the Tokyo Marui ones definitely are the best (since the real models are made of plastic polymer too).


2/ Best Russian airsoft shotgun

We’d love to write you some positive lines about that. But it’s still a fact : there is no Russian airsoft shotgun available today. The unique Russian military shotgun is used by the Swat, called OMON. It’s the KS-23 : a devastating weapon at short-range.

3/ Best Russian airsoft SMG

To play in CQB with a big AK fishing duck isn’t the best thing to do. To enter a room for cleaning it, it’s much better to play with a short barrel : that’s so far the role of airsoft submachine guns. Many eastern models are available for almost all tastes. Today, after many tests, we’ll present to you the best one of them !

First, we’ll begin with the airsoft PP-19 Vityaz made by LCT. Its construction is based on the airsoft Bizon pp-19. That weapon (the real one) is used by special forces to counter terrorist attacks in closed environments. These models are great, particularly the Vityaz one. One very bad point emerged : the material used for these guns are far from the original ones, they’re made of vulgar metal and plastic parts.

The one that retained our attention is the SR-2M NPO AEG. That’s the most compact Russian SMG for airsoft that you can find. With its removable suppressor and its foldable stock, that model is the same size as the Mini Uzi : excellent for close quarter combat airsoft games. Made of steel with the same techniques as real models, directly manufactured in deep Russia ! Its performances are perfectly adapted to CQB airsoft games.

SR-2M airsoft


4/ Best Russian airsoft rifle

In the forest, in the mountains, in the steppe or wherever you play airsoft outdoor, an airsoft rifle is the best choice. To complete a Russian loadout you better use an original replica of Russian rifle ! The most well know of them, for sure are the AK47 Cyma and the AK74 LCT. But another model retained our attention. In fact these Chinese models are far from the original in two points : their quotation and the materials they’re made of. The performances of the LCT one are very respectable, but you can’t feel the satisfaction that can procure yourself to play with a realistic Russian airsoft rifle.

Another type of Russian rifle is the AS VAL airsoft series. The models manufactured by NPO AEG and STO 9×39 are very light, in fact their weight is the same as the original rifles. Very ergonomic, extremely reliable and customizable, these models are the ones we retained for our selection. the redaction choice if by for the AS VAL Airsoft NPO AEG.

5/ Best Russian airsoft DMR

The Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), which is very popular within an airsoft team, can be a decisive factor in guaranteeing victory. The use of a semi-automatic sniper rifle or a specially customized assault rifle for long-range shooting gives him the possibility to proceed to suppressing fire as well as precision shooting.

For such a task, the best Russian airsoft DMR is unquestionably the airsoft VSS Vintorez. We tested for you the 3 more popular models available, from : NPO AEG, STO 9×39, and LCT. The verdict is very clear : the winner is the VSS Vintorez airsoft NPO AEG by far. The last airsoft guns generation the firm launched are the best versions ever created in airsoft : quotation like the real one (install a PSO-1 scope on it is very simple), upgraded gearbox right out of the box, military steel, real wood… Its weight is also the same as the real model : don’t wait anymore if you’d like to experiment some realistic gameplay with a unique Russian airsoft gun.

6/ Best Russian airsoft sniper

A sniper’s job is not easy. His role within an airsoft squad is very delicate, as he can operate at evasive maneuvers to take the enemy from behind. This is the only way he can help his team progress by being away from them. The quality of his airsoft sniper replica will greatly influence the quality of his game. A 6mm bbs must mean an “out” ! That’s why the choice of a Russian airsoft sniper is delicate : it is restricted in term of available models.

The very first model that we could recommend is SVD Dragunov airsoft made by Real Sword. Its main competitor made by Cyma isn’t optimized to play as a sniper : its cylinder air volume is too weak compared to the size of its barrel. Also, the hop-up isn’t stable, the nozzle misses an O-ring for better air sealing, the wood finish is bad and the metal is cheap. The SVD AEG Real Sword is just perfect, turn out the previous sentence into their positive meaning and you know what to expect. But that model is almost impossible to find nowadays. That’s why about the VSS-M NPO AEG : it’s a very accurate airsoft sniper, its body is fully made of high-quality steel and the style of that Russian airsoft replica is just amazing : excellent to complete a nice airsoft Ratnik loadout. With its lightweight, it’s much easier to play with the VSSM airsoft than with any Dragunov.

But, the last sniper released by NPO AEG definitely made it. Yes, we’re talking about the VKS Vykhlop HPA. That monster has an integrated air tank containing enough air to play an entire day. It doesn’t suffer of the low temperatures, it’s a very realistic piece with perfect finishes and its style… Taking it in your hands make you feel like you could stop an army tank !

7/ Best Russian airsoft LMG (light machine gun)

Everybody thinks that the LMG players are a bunch of oafs, but in fact, the choice of their Russian airsoft machine gun is very tricky. Many models are fragile, unreliable, and even outright poor quality: this is the case with the A&K PKM. After many tests we finally discovered for you which Russian airsoft LMG is the best. It wasn’t easy !

It was difficult to choose from the few models available. It appeared that the only reliable model of PKP was the one made by LCT, but its price is cosmic and it’s even not made of steel. The Raptor PKP is just a remake of the A&K model so expect you to have some problems with the internal. Also, the bullpup PKP Raptor is very cool, the model is incredible especially to complete a badass FSB loadout. But once again, the internal isn’t nice at weel. Our choice was finally the airsoft RPD LCT : massive metal (not steel but still good), unique model, very nice looking real wood and thank god nice internal parts that allow you to play out of the box without tinkering the gearbox.

RPD Airsoft LCT

8/ Best Russian airsoft grenade launcher

Without any questions, the best Russian airsoft grenade launcher is the RGM-40 from STO 9×39. It’s a stand-alone of the GP-25 with an AK pistol grip and a stock, pretty simple. But that’s the strength of the Russian special police units that use it: they get right to the point.

RGM 40 Airsoft

9/ Best Russian airsoft grenade

To imitate the military units of Russia, you need some grenades. The best Russian grenades replica for airsoft, available at this day, are the RGD-5 from Tagin, named TAG-19 Airsoft Hand Grenade. Their power is such that they can incapacitate a weak guy for a few seconds, passively waiting at the corner of a building !

TAG 19 Hand Grenade

10/ Best Russian made airsoft gun (Bonus)

We couldn’t let you without a little bonus. Our experience is such that we tested almost every existing Russian made airsoft replica. So today, we’ll share with you the result of many tests and relentless airsoft games with a big variety of all sorts of eastern airsoft guns. I’m talking right now about the coolest russian airsoft gun : the 9A-91 airsoft replica.

That model is by far the most untypical airsoft gun that we ever saw. But it’s an incredibly pleasant rifle replica to play with : with its foldable stock and its removable suppressor, it fits both outdoor games and CQB. Its size is almost the same as the SR-2M Veresk NPO AEG ! It’s not surprising that the SOBR uses it for their counter-terrorist missions… With its 9x39mm, the real model is really devastating. Back to the airsoft 9A-91 : the original Russian PSO scope fits on it perfectly, it’s made of steel and resistant plastic polymer and the internal parts are very high quality. Highly recommended, otherwise you’ll end up in the Gulag ! ⛏️

9A-91 NPO AEG airsoft


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