Open Single Mag Pouch Fastmag – x1 Pistol x1 АК with tightening


Are you an excellent shooter who handles a rifle as well as a pistol? Then the universal tactical rifle-pistol mag pouch is made especially for you.

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  • The pouch is designed to hold one 30-round magazine for any type of AK, AR-15 and other assault rifles with magazines of similar dimensions and one magazine for any pistol with 9x19mm ammunition.
  • Module for pistol magazine is rigidly fixed by metal brackets on the module of automatic magazine. The construction is not demountable.
  • The peculiarity of the bag is the use of U-shaped plastic skeletons, which firmly holds magazine without additional slip-on elastic cord. At the same time they provide the fastest and quietest magazine retrieval and stowage back into the bag.
  • The degree of magazine retention in the pouch is regulated by an elastic cord, which is attached to the molle cells of the front and back walls of the pouch.
  • Thanks to this design it is possible to adjust the optimal degree of fixation to each specific model of a magazine.
  • To give the frame more durability it is reinforced by vertical reinforcing ribs.
  • In case the specifics of the application requires additional fixation of the magazine, for example in high-altitude work or parachuting, there are elastic cords with flags, which can be installed on the module for placing a magazine. No additional pistol magazine retention is provided.
  • To place additional gear or other pouches on the pouch, molle slots are sewn on the front side.
  • If necessary, the pouch can be mounted not only to the molle base, but also to the belts by making the necessary size loops from the slings.

Additional information

Weight150 g


Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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