Military Multifunctional Backpack “Vector” 7L

Designed to carry various loads, this 15l tactical multifunctional backpack has a main compartment, as well as several integrated pouches for different uses.

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The backpack consists of the following modules:

  1. Main compartment
  2. Removable shoulder straps
  3. A removable “organizer” panel
  4. Removable front panel with eight attachment points for carrying bulky items
  5. Removable locking system for carrying long weapons or supports.

Due to its construction, it is recommended for use in assault and raid actions.

  • Its volume is 15 liters: the optimal volume to stay mobile while carrying your equipment
  • The backpack is equipped with the Molle-Minus system on the front and both sides, which also allows to place additional equipment on the surface. This system allows for more precise vertical positioning of equipment and offers better durability than the Molle/Pals system.
  • The back of the backpack has three anatomically shaped cushions that distribute pressure during loading. A thermoregulatory net is sewn into the surface of the cushions. The shape and position of the cushions improve air circulation between the user’s back and the harness itself, increasing comfort in warmer climates.
  • The harness straps are also equipped with padding and thermal insulation mesh.
  • The main harness straps are equipped with a quick-release system in the form of 25mm fasteners at two upper points attached to the backpack itself, which are protected by an elastic strap, and at two lower points at the ends of each of the anatomical harness straps.
  • The backpack can be attached to body armor and chest rigs, which have emplacements for attachment with straps. The main feature is that the lower attachment points are adjustable in width.
  • The backpack is equipped with a top handle for easy hand carrying. On either side of the carrying handle are two main compartment exits with lockable Velcro flaps for the exit of a drinking system hose or radio antenna.
  • Inside the main compartment, there is a pouch specifically for carrying a hydration system with two different types of fasteners (Velcro or snaps).
  • There is a drainage hole at the bottom of the backpack in case it gets wet. It is also equipped with additional straps to secure the equipment.It has two fixed compression straps with Velcro and 4 removable Velcro straps for front panel adjustment.
  • The top of the front panel has an exterior zippered pouch with compartments for office supplies, notebook or map.
  • The lower portion of the backpack has side zippered pouches with top access to their contents.
  • It has a removable front panel with eight attachment points for carrying bulky items, such as helmets. The lower attachment points prevent items from falling out. The other straps secure them to the main backpack. An additional small backpack or individual accessory pouches can be attached to the main harness panel. If needed, it can be detached from the backpack and used independently as a carrying platform, as its construction includes quick-release straps.
  • On the back of the detachable pad is a locking system for carrying a rifle or RPG. It has two straps with clips to secure it to the panel. The asymmetrical holster is adjustable for length and diameter of the gun pull to protect it from contamination.
  • There is a zippered pouch on the back of the backpack. It also has a removable organizer panel underneath, which has two zippered compartments and is secured with velcro and a handle to easily remove the panel from the backpack.
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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