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Tactical headset for shooting are a reliable means of protection against the effects of the sound wave dispersed by a gunshot. It must be said that it is limited (unless you intend to wear earplugs underneath), which means that you should choose carefully what shooting headset you can rely on.

tactical shooting headset

Professional shooting headsets with noise reduction

Wear a military headset to prevent the body from being overloaded by the sound of a retorting gunshot, which will hit the eardrum. Note that you won’t instantly realize the damage (especially if the load was systematic, but small), so be careful and don’t skimp on your own health! Hearing aids are much more expensive than shooter headset.

Follow the rules! Any shooting range will ask you to use a tactical ear protection headset when shooting, in some places it is an official requirement, without which you will not be allowed into the range. The same is true for practical shooting competitions.

Tactical communications headset with sound amplifying system

A strategic aid, which also helps against the passing years. Older hunters increasingly recognize the effectiveness of active headset military. After all, sound amplification will not only allow you to hear your game burrowing, but also increase the audibility of simple human speech if you already have hearing problems. You can do this by getting tactical active headset with active noise cancellation that can be adjusted separately for each ear.

Combat-optimized headsets with mic

The main factor in any tactical headset with mic is the NRR (Sound Reduction Ratio), which is responsible for the level of noise experienced while wearing the headset. Be careful and remember that the measurements are taken in production laboratories, take the product a “notch” more powerful than you need, and you will not miss anything.
For military tactical headset, what matters is the transmission speed from the microphone to the speaker, i.e. the delay with which you will hear what is going on. In this case, the lower the numbers, the better. The ideal threshold is close to 1.5-2 ms.
Comfortable fit is another important issue. Remember that you will have to spend a lot of time with these military headsets with microphone, the situation is similar to uncomfortable shoes, high-pressure military headphones can cause discomfort and prolonged headaches.
Take care of yourself, that’s exactly why we have prepared this collection for you.

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