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Produced in the deep Russia with the same techniques than real models, than unique STO VSS Vintorez is the most realistic replica ever made of that silent DMR. Compatible with all the classical parts for a V3 gearbox, it’s definitely what you need for, you lovers of nice airsoft guns !

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The closest to the original VSS VINTOREZ

That product is a high quality airsoft training rifle made in Russia and it’s the most precise replica ever made of that rifle. The occurred problems of china’s and taiwan’s manufacturers are all fixed.

Features :

  • Strong and reliable body
  • Real wood stock with realistic color
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent balance
  • Original body scale : PSO scope can be attached without any problem
  • Original stock scale : only the grip is a little bigger due to the motor size
  • High details level (original markings, original selector, original magazine…)

This is the best replica ever of the VSS VINTOREZ. LCT magazines are compatible. Ideal for confirmed players who do not want to lose their time.

Installation of the original VSS handguard on the replica :

A unique airsoft rifle

That airsoft gun is hand made with an artisanal process in Russia. Buying this product you get an exclusive model with a unique serial number. Some little imperfections due to the fabrication method are making this replica even closest to the real one, and give it its own history.

About the original

The soviet made VSS VINTOREZ is a Special Sniper Rifle using subsonic 9x39mm heavy SP5 bullets or SP6 armor piercing cartridge. In use with spetsnaz from every russian defense division, the VSS is a very appreciated weapon for stealth undercover or clandestine operations.

According to his function of an urban sniper rifle, users were in need of a polyvalent weapon able to respond even to a short distance. That’s why the VSS is also an automatic rifle.

In service since 1987, the real model was designed by TSNIITOCHMASH and produced by TULA ARMS PLANT right before the collapse of the soviet union.

Global Features

  • Lenght : 910mm
  • Weight : 2700g
  • Material : Steel / Polyamide / Wood
  • Original phosphate coating for weapons
  • Energy : Electrical (AEG)
  • Fire Modes : Semi auto / Automatic
  • Gearbox : V3 fully upgradable
  • Hop up : Adjustable
  • Magazine Capacity : 45 shots (compatible AS VALand SR3)
  • Battery (not included) : Connector T-Dean / 3 or 2 bloc battery type / 5 x 20 x 250mm (for each)

Internal features

  • Hop-up unit : AK type
  • Inner Barrel : 430mm * 6.02mm
  • Gearbox : V3 fully upgradable
  • Motor : Short type
  • O-ring : Remplaced
  • Shimming : Made
  • Spring guide : Metal

Buying this airsoft gun you beneficiate a 2 years warranty service for external parts. You can referee at the warranty and returns page.

Made In Russia
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Customer reviews

2 reviews for VSS VINTOREZ STO 9x39
  1. Georgi (verified owner)

    That Vintorez is the best I ever used. I wanted to try it a long time ago, also the delivery took a while because of these stupid mandatory quarantine restrictions. These guys answered my questions very fast, big thanks for the support team. It’s really nice to play with it on the field!! Many frags in perspective ?

  2. Łukasz (verified owner)

    I ordered it at the beginning of the year, it took a little time to arrive but it’s worth the money. It was a good thing to order extra mags because lct ones didn’t fit, it seems that some models differ from the others from a millimeter or maybe less. Managers work with knowledge of their business, highly recommended !

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