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Stalker (Jacket)


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That Stalker jacket was inspired by classic gorka suits. It’s made of more modern synthetic fabric and they have an improved cut. Breathable, swen with many renforcements, that russian jacket is also a waterproof windbreaker. Highly recommanded for outdoor activites !

  • Original russian Gorka jacket : used by hundreds of soldiers
  • The "suit of workers" : extremely popular in Russia for its reliability
  • Comfortable : was designed to wear other layers of clothes under it
  • Wind-breaker : was formerly used by military units in mountains
  • Waterproof : can protect against rain
  • Season : 4 Seasons
  • Fabric : 100% tent fabric
  • Manufacturer : Splav

The Gorka suit review : made for Russian special forces

Originally used for difficult missions of spetsnaz operators in moutains, that modern gorka BDU is the transformation of the old-fashioned primary windbreaker.
Its appellation came from the word "Gora" that means "mountains". So in the Russian language that means "little mountain". Unexpected isn't it?
After some times, the military suit Gorka turn into the suit of workers in Russia : a real symbol of the Slavic working people. Because of its handy tariff for every social classes, its high robustness and its well-off silhouette, in a couple of years it wasn't anymore reserved to military operators to wear a gorka, but to everyone in need of a trustworthy suit for outside activities.
Designed to be worn regularly in conditions on the field for exercise, that russian military uniform is the most versatile military uniform.

Why to use a russian Gorka attire?

1/Their practicity

For both civilians, military recruits or high ranked specialists, it's the ideal choice compared to others very expensive or non trusted military garments. It can withstand definitely every seasons in all problems from summertime to wintertime. It's a cozy and comfy uniform, created to resist even by reduced temperature levels under the snow many thanks to its large cut, created to wear different clothes layer under it. Tt's possible to prepare yourself for severe climate condition with unique winter months clothing in fleece under your gorka.

2/Their resistance

The army gorka a lot of the time usage strengthened material to safeguard one of the most solicited components like: the knees, the ankle joints, the elbows, the shoulders (for hiking, to make use of a knapsack to lug the essential stuff is extremely advised: it can damage the shoulder part on your garments), etc. That checklist is not exhaustive as it can vary in function of the supplier.
A lot of the moment, Russian engineers helping the makers of gorka (like sposn gorka, gorka bars, gorka splav and others ...), they include to their needs spec the use of unique military textiles named "Gretta" and also "Brezent". The Brezent is the major fabric used to construct military tents ... You already recognize how that thing is trustworthy don't you?

3/They are currently approved by so numerous different army devices!

These suits can be seen on machine gunners of air special pressures and also assault team, on FSB policeman, on sniper of automobile Unique Forces detachments as well as many others ... However they are particularly revealed on soldiers throughout their public depictions and trainings (they are nearly not recorded or throughout their operations). Everybody likes it: excepted the nostalgic people of the soviet union (it's the minority, say thanks to god), the gorka match also came to be an icon of "battle workers".
Some lines about the gorka background ...
With the start of the battle in Afghanistan, the command of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union received the job to give their set a match accredited for use in mountainous terrain. The fatigue clothes of that time did not protect from the hard climate condition of Afghanistan and also besides, new shades were required, appropriate for hilly location. A match that was called "Experimental" mosted likely to the soldiers. Later it was improved-- added suspenders, additional pockets, the match was made extra comfy and mosted likely to the troops under the name "Windproof Hill Suit." It was widely made use of throughout Chechen battles as well as other conflicts. It is generally made use of by unique pressures (spetsnaz) of MVD, FSB, VDV (airborne), GRU.

You don't like Khaki? Try out the Gorka camo!

After its huge usage during the afghanistan war, the producers of armed forces gorka really did not wait a long time prior to recommending their customer in army many brand-new special designs. These ones needed a much better camouflage: khaki is good, however why not utilize the national camouflage izlom, the Russian camo plants, berezka as well as others?
Today after years of developing as well as numerous pleased consumers, the russian gorka match is available in several kinds of pattern and also colors:
- Khaki.
- Black.
- Izlom.
- Berezka.
- Digital Flora (EMR inside army).
- Multicam.
- Atacs FG.
- Partizan summer season (SS leto).
- Partizan fall (SS fall).
- Tibet (unique gorka from SPLAV).
- DPM (or Kukla in the Russian military).
- Timberland.
- Atacs IX.
- ...
That listing can change in the future. Numerous unique gorka camo was currently established like the blumentarn gorka fleece from Bars and their other special variation of the Gorka "Kod Khaki" ...

Our final thought about the gorka mountain fit

It's difficult to tell just how much that particular uniform is good for you, we have the very best gorka fit so you might pick on your own quickly your preferred model. We tried to provide all the most important points you have to know to make your choice. Naturally, they top quality of different manufacturer gorka match can be entirely different. Just readjust your choice in feature of your needs and also your financial capabilities! Beyond the technological points (listed on each of our gorka item web page), here is the list you can refer to when you believe to purchase a gorka attire:.
1) Used by armed forces profesionnals.
2) Made of the ideal value for cash materials.
3) Perfect for any sorts of outside activities.
4) The "match of employees".
Don't neglect to check out the technical features of each our gorka to make a far better selection! See you quickly.

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