Open Single Mag Pouch Fastmag – x1 АКM with Tightening

Our SSO AK mag pouch molle is very functional. Despite the fact that it holds only one AK magazine, you can add many more accessories to it.

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Available alternatives

  • The pouch is designed to hold one AK magazine and maximize quick access to it.
  • The pouch accommodates a 7.62 AKM or a 5.45 AK74M magazine.
  • Reliable fixation of the magazine in the absence of the valve is provided by the side removable elastic ties in the form of lacing with removable stopper at the bottom.
  • The magazine is additionally secured at the top with an elastic cord with a flag, which is comfortable to use even with gloves on. For even quicker access, the cord can be removed. In this case, the magazine retention is guaranteed by the side removable elastic ties as a lanyard with a removable stopper at the bottom.
  • To make the pouch hold its shape better and to make it more comfortable to use, sheets of plastic are sewn into the front and back walls.
  • To place additional gear or other bags on the bag, belt straps with molle slots are sewn on the front side.
  • On the bottom there is a hole with a loop for water drainage.
  • If necessary, the pouch can be installed not only on the molle base, but also on the belt by making loops of the required size from the slings.
Weight130 g
Dimensions80 × 25 × 150 mm
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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