Russian Army Uniform M1 – Les Airborne


That Splav Uniform is a classical for russian Airborne forces: made of the fabric “Gretta” it’s light, comfortable and durable. With its “Gorod” camouflage, that old school uniform will be a classic for a long time.

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Choose an option
XS-S/158cm (5,2ft)
XS-S/158-164cm (5,2-5,4ft)
XS-S/170cm (5,6ft)
XS-S/170-176cm (5,6-5,8ft)
M-L/158-164cm (5,2-5,4ft)
M-L/170cm (5,6ft)
M-L/170-176cm (5,6-5,8ft)
M-L/182cm (6ft)
M-L/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
XL-2XL/170cm (5,6ft)
XL-2XL/170-176cm (5,6-5,8ft)
XL-2XL/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
XL-2XL/194-200cm (6,4-6,6ft)
3XL-4XL/170cm (5,6ft)
3XL-4XL/170-176cm (5,6-5,8ft)
3XL-4XL/182cm (6ft)
3XL-4XL/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
3XL-4XL/194-200cm (6,4-6,6ft)
5XL-6XL/170-176cm (5,6-5,8ft)
5XL-6XL/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
7XL-8XL/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
9XL-10XL/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
Category: Russian Army Uniforms Brand: Splav


This splav uniform in short

This traditional Russian splav M1 uniform is made according to the national paratrooper clothing patterns. Thanks to its unique Gretta fabric, it does not wrinkle and does not create unpleasant wrinkling noise (present on many rip stop uniforms). It is a great choice for activities that require camouflage, while remaining comfortable: airsoft, hunting, bushcraft, etc…

  • Made to the standard design of national paratrooper models.
  • Fabric: Getta (53% cotton / 47% polyester)

The splav uniform jacket in details:

  • Fake shoulder pads can be used
  • Jacket with zipper
  • The jacket’s belt adjusts to the waist with a side elastic band
  • Wide belt loops
  • Inflated cuffs (fabric insert) on sleeve for protection against dust and dirt
  • Stainless steel buttons applied

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 4x Exterior pockets (2 are open and 2 with button closures)
  • 2x Interior pockets
  • 1x Sleeve pocket

The splav uniform pants in details:

  • Raised belt for comfortable carrying of ammunition on the belt
  • Pant buckles for wide belt
  • The waistband of the pants can be adjusted by elastic bands on the sides.
  • Reinforced knee padding
  • Ribbed knees for greater freedom of movement
  • Elastic band at the bottom of the pants: prevents debris from entering the shoes and prevents them from riding up

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • 2x Side pockets
  • 2x Cargo pockets with kinked top to prevent items from falling out
  • 1x Back pocket

The splav uniform set:

  • 1x Jacket
  • 1x Pants

Additional information

Weight1500 g







Regular cut


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