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Spetsnaz Uniforms

Equipped with such Spetsnaz clothing, you’ll be ready for high-level tactical outdoor activities ! Such a particular type of clothes is very unique, it gives better camouflage possibilities to the one who wears it. We filled up a big part of the warehouse for you with these authentic Spetsnaz suit, it’s time to free up some space !


At former created for the needs of regular troops, now these Russian Spetsnaz uniforms are barely used by many different people. Very effective for snipers to stay undetected from the enemy, the large choice we have is now available to you. Basically produced to respond to the contracts of the Russian Federation, we have listed, stocked and we’re now ready to ship to you such original spetsnaz camo. For airsoft, it’s an excellent possibility to create you a badass style with a spetsnaz loadout. But not only : are you ready to get stepped on because of a “too effective” camouflage ?