Spetsnaz Uniforms


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Equipped with our Russian Spetsnaz uniform, you’ll be ready for high-level tactical outdoor activities! Such a particular type of clothes is unique, it gives better camouflage possibilities to the one who wears it. We filled up a big part of our warehouse for you with that big collection of authentic Spetsnaz uniforms, it’s time to send you the care packages necessary for the deployment of your troops!


In order to carry out special operations undercover, it is essential to be equipped with an outfit capable of covering your movements. At former created for the needs of special units, our Spetsnaz combat uniform are now widely used by civilians. Very effective for snipers to stay undetected from the enemy, that type of loose fit military clothes are an excellent way for hunters to remain unseen from their prey. For the most part produced under contract to meet demand from the Russian government, the quality of our Spetsnaz camo uniforms is certified by its origin, but we also take care to always select the best brands for your comfort. Beyond the classic civilian activities such as fishing, hunting or bushcraft, wearing some Spetsnaz clothing is particularly adapted for reconstruction enthusiasts practicing airsoft, or more simply for airsofters who want to create a real style for their squad.

If however, the style of our Spetsnaz suits is not conventional enough for you, our SAS Smock collection should suit you. This British based uniform is also very popular in Russia.

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