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Sniper Clothing
3D Chimera Suit

sniper camouflage for sale
Chimera Camo Suit
sniper camouflage for sale
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To break your shape to better take down your enemies. With that Chimera camo suit (2 pieces) you’ll have the better camouflage ever. Thanks to its 3D leaves, it’s one of the most appreciated sniper suit by the russian special forces.

  • Multicam
  • Мох/A-TACS FG
  • 50-52
  • 54-56
  • 58-60
  • The best camouflage : 3D leaves break the shape of the human body
  • Adjustable hood : can be worn above combat helmets of classical headgear
  • Transparant face net : insure a good visibility of the action masking the face of the operator
  • Modulable : can be worn above any type of clothes
  • Breathable : ensure a good breathability of the body thanks to a ventilated fabric
  • Lightweight : light fabric especially made for intense missions
  • Invisibility : impossible to detect in a static position, highly reduce the risk to be spotted in movement
  • Made for snipers, scout units, hunters and assimilated
  • Universal size
  • Weight : 1000g
  • Manufacturer : Stich Profi

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