SAS Smock Jacket L6 – Specter SKWO

It is thanks to its unique camouflage pattern that this Smock Jacket L6 – Specter SKWO is ultra effective in a relatively dry vegetal environment.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

This smock jacket l6 specter skwo in short

One of the disadvantages of membrane clothing is its stiffness – because of the need to glue or weld together three layers: a dense fabric top, membrane film and protective mesh. This type of material is durable, waterproof, but it rustles a lot, which is not critical for tourists, rescuers and ordinary citizens, but is unacceptable for the military. The L6 Smock jacket from SSO solves this problem by laying the membrane on a lightweight synthetic polyester fabric “rip-stop”, there is no need for a protective mesh, as the fabric is unfolded membrane outwards and protected by a lightweight jacket of blended fabric “rip-stop” which serves as a lining. The lining with the membrane is connected to the jacket only at its seams and is glued with a special waterproof tape. The result is a “jacket-in-jacket”. The lightweight top serves for camouflage, protection from mechanical damage, does not rustle or shine, it has many pockets that do not require gluing seams from the inside, but it blows through, gets wet and dries quickly, and the membrane lining stops wind and moisture.

  • Combines protection against moisture, strong wind and good camouflage properties.
  • The design of the jacket ensures that the fighter can cover up as much as possible from bad weather – only the eyes, nose, and hands remain open.
  • Large number of pockets to carry all your stuff
  • Wide armholes (40 cm) make it easy to use equipment (body armour, bibs) – you can climb the fence – the jacket will not be pushed up.
  • Care of the jacket: wash at 40 ° C, do not bleach, iron at 150 ° C, dry cleaning with perchloroethylene
  • High density fabric: 230 g/m²
  • Materials: 55% cotton, 45% polyester

The smock jacket l6 specter skwo in details:

  • The jacket fastens with a sturdy “tractor” zipper covered with a wide double layer windbreak, which fastens with a “lipa” and large “Canadian” buttons that can be unfastened without removing the gloves.
  • The hood that allows you to use a full winter hat is tightened with a cord in the face notch and vertical hinge – strap that fastens on the “hook-and-loop” at the back of the head and has a visor with a rigid wire frame.
  • The bottom of the sleeves is tightened in the same way – patty with a “lipa”.
  • The jacket is fitted to the figure with two cords threaded through the waders at the waist and bottom.
  • At the elbow bends of the sleeves the top is reinforced with a second layer of fabric.
  • The jacket is equipped with removable shoulder straps with the same removable insignia muffs.
  • The four patch pockets on the jacket are closed with flap sleeves that wrap around and keep small items from falling out of the pocket.

Pockets arrangement:

  • 2x patch pockets on the chest (160x150x35 mm)
  • 2x pockets underneath (210x200x35 mm) wide
  • 2x vertical slots with twisted zippers (200 mm high) to access the inside pockets that take up the whole space under the jacket’s upper part
  • 1x inside pocket (practical to store papers as it is waterproof)
  • 1x patch pocket with a flap (for pens or markers)
Weight1500 g

Specter SKWO




Wide cut




Mid-season (5-15° Celsius)


Total (integrated waterproof membrane)


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