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Russian Spetsnaz Helmet
Sfera STSh-81 / SSSh-94


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It’s time to rebuild an old school Russian unit with this Sfera helmet replica ! Consisting of 3 plates, it is supplied with its attachment system like the original.


  • Composed of 3 plates : to be mounted with the fastening system like the real one
  • Replicated dampening system for identical use to the real thing
  • Precise copy of the original model : its mold was created on the basis of the genuine model
  • High resistance : it endures by far the test of hammer hits
  • Universal size : adjustable for all head sizes thanks to its special system
  • Materials : 5mm fiberglass impact resistant
  • Weight : 980g

Although it is very resistant, this replica does not protect from any bullet.

About the original Sfera helmet STSh-81

In 1981, the Scientific Research Institute of Special Equipment, on behalf of the USSR Ministry of the Interior, developed the first titanium helmet. In 1985 it was called Sfera STSh-81 (an abbreviation of Special Titanium Helmet of 1981) and manufactured in mass production. The helmet protects a person’s head over its entire surface except for the face. With its Class 2 protection, it protects against bullets from PM, APS, TT pistols as well as shrapnel.

The updated model : the Sfera helmet SSSh-94

The Sfera STSh-81 helmet has been updated with its new version, the SSSh-94 (Special Steel Helmet model 1994): a special steel version. The appearance of these 2 versions is absolutely indistinguishable, the big plus point is that steel is lighter than titanium. The old titanium helmet Sfera had a very damaging negative point: when the helmet was pierced by a bullet that did not kill the fighter, for example, passing tangentially through the skull, head injuries were observed due to titanium fragments. The main advantage was also the price because steel is cheaper than titanium.

The global design of the Russian Sfera helmet

The design of the helmet consists of adjusting the fabric base to fit the size of the head. The inside of the helmet includes a polyurethane foam shock absorber to cushion the effect of movement on the soldier’s head when bullets and shrapnel hit. The helmet is attached to the head under the chin like a classic helmet. Today the helmet is no longer produced, but it is still worn by units of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. You may find the original helmet sfera available here.

High-quality replica of the Russian helmet Sfera

It is an excellent choice if you decide to model an old school Russian army unit : our Sfera helmet replica is an exact reproduction of the military model and can be sent to your home without any customs problems. Also because of the both Sfera helmets versions have the same external appearance, consider that it’s here both a Sfera STSh-81 replica and a Sfera SSSh-94 replica !

Made In Russia
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    Sfera STSh-81 / SSSh-94”

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