Russian Army Jacket Velite – Surpat Savanna


Active recreation, forest and adventure is your style? Then the Savanna Camo Jacket is your product in which you will be reliably camouflaged.

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Choose an option
XS/170cm (5,6ft)
XS/176cm (5,8ft)
S/176cm (5,8ft)
S/182cm (6ft)
M/170cm (5,6ft)
M/176cm (5,8ft)
M/182cm (6ft)
M/188cm (6,2ft)
L/170 (5,6ft)
L/176cm (5,8ft)
L/182cm (6ft)
L/188cm (6,2ft)
XL/170cm (5,6ft)
XL/176cm (5,8ft)
XL/182cm (6ft)
XL/188cm (6,2ft)
2XL/170cm (5,6ft)
2XL/176cm (5,8ft)
2XL/182cm (6ft)
2XL/188cm (6,2ft)
3XL/170cm (5,6ft)
3XL/182cm (6ft)
3XL/188cm (6,2ft)
4XL/176cm (5,8ft)
4XL/182cm (6ft)
4XL/188cm (6,2ft)
5XL/182cm (6ft)
5XL/188cm (6,2ft)
6XL/176cm (5,8ft)
Category: Russian Army Uniforms Brand: SRVV


This savanna camo jacket in short:

This VELITES SURPAT® SAVANNA jacket is the result of years of experience and tradition at SRVV. It has passed numerous “fire and water” tests in various climatic conditions for resistance to damage and ease of use. This jacket is successfully used by special units in Russia and other countries.

This savanna camo jacket in details:

  • Velcro fastener on chest for fixing patches.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Rack collar with velcro adjustment.
  • Does not restrict hand movements due to special triangular folds in the shoulder blade area.
  • The jacket has 3D mesh cushioning at the collarbone area.
  • All critical areas of the suit are reinforced by tacking.
  • A special cut of sleeve pocket, which does not interfere with the control of a weapon strap.
  • Materials: Fabric SURPAT® SAVANNA, 50% nylon / 50% cotton, MIL-SPEC, NIR (near-infrared camouflage).

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2 oblique voluminous velcro chest pockets.
  • Two zippered pockets on shoulders with velcro for wristbands.

Additional information

Weight500 g

Surpat Savannah


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