SAS Smock Pants L6 – Atacs FG


Stay dry even in heavy rain, and protect yourself from strong winds with this SAS Smock pants L6 – Atacs FG. You won’t be able to do without it.

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The sas smock pants l6 atacs fg in short

The series of smock pants L6 produced by the company “SSO” from Moscow, represents an excellent alternative to progress outdoors in bad weather conditions. Thanks to the use of advanced materials, they will effectively protect you from wind and rain while providing very good camouflage properties through the use of effective patterns.

  • Does not allow moisture from the outside. Rain, snow, dew, high air humidity membrane detains the outside.
  • Perfectly “breathes”, ie allows free circulation of air in both directions, providing the necessary ventilation.
  • Transfers evaporation from the human body quickly and efficiently, leaving you dry even during substantial physical activity.
  • While the membrane is breathable, it doesn’t let the wind go through because its structure prevents high velocity air flows from coming into direct contact with the body.
  • Fabric: Ripstop 50/50 cotton/polyester. Membrane: “Concordia” (Belgium) – 10000 mm of water column per cubic cm.

The sas smock pants l6 atacs fg in details:

  • The outer part of the suit is made of a blended fabric that protects the thin inner lining fabric on which the membrane is applied. Thus the membrane itself is between the two layers of fabric and is protected from damage from the outside and abrasion from the inside.
  • Below hip pockets, on the outside of pants there are vertical polyamide zippers, reaching to the bottom edge of pants. These zippers cover additional inserts of pant legs. Opening the zippers increases the width of the pant leg at the bottom seams, which makes it convenient to put on over the shoes with high cuffs. In addition, there are drawstring cords along the bottom seams of trousers, which tighten the edge of trousers around the leg.
  • On the sides of the waistband, with a dial arrangement at 2 and 10 o’clock, there are notches closed by horizontal Velcro flaps. These cutouts, when open, assist in putting the pants on the body. To the right and left flaps covering the cutouts when closed are sewn on a 25 mm sling type polyamide buckles “wing”, to which is attached, tightening the pants at the waist, 25 mm tightening strap.
  • The central part of the elastic band is sewn to the waistband in the center of the back and works the same tension to both sides. To keep the belt out of the way when wearing the pants, it passes through the four belt antabands in the waistband, with their dial arrangement at 4, 5, 7 and 8 o’clock. Thus, the waist belt is not required, but if it is, it can be threaded through the said ante-strings.
  • The waistband itself is made of a double layer of blended fabric and is dense enough to wear the pants comfortably.
  • In the front, below the waist part there is a vertical width cut, closed by a polyamide zipper and a small bar made of a double layer of fabric.
  • All straight seams of the suit are made by “straight stitching”:
    • Corners of pockets are reinforced with zig-zag stitching.
    • Pockets and flaps are sewn with double-needle hem stitching.
  • The pockets are closed by flaps with an undercut on one large button.

Pockets arrangement:

  • 2x classic deep slash pant pockets below the waist
  • 2x big (250x170mm) pockets on each side of the pants
  • 2x flat pockets (160×150 mm) on the butt part

Additional information

Weight1200 g

Atacs FG






Wide cut




Mid-season (5-15° Celsius)


Total (integrated waterproof membrane)


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