Mag Pouch x1 Saiga with Silent Buckle and Tightening

Very handy saiga mag pouch. With it, you will always have one magazine and 8 more shots when hunting in the woods or during sport shooting.

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  • Single magazine pouch for 8 rounds for the Saiga 12 semi-automatic rifle.
  • The pouch’s flap is secured by a QRF lock and secured by Velcro.
  • Noiseless QRF (Quick Release Fastener) clasp is made of stainless steel, dural and polyamide straps.
  • To keep the magazine tightly inside the pouch a plastic frame is sewn on the underside of the front wall.
  • Additionally, the magazine is tightened by horizontal removable brace with a stopper at the top of the pocket.
  • The flap and the drawstring, combined with the flap wrapped inside, make it possible to carry the magazine completely open, to get it out as fast as possible.
  • The flap and bottom of the pouch are reinforced by the second layer of fabric, for drainage of moisture on the bottom there is a loop.
  • It is attached to the platforms, vests and belts with the PALS (MOLLE) system by two vertical and three horizontal shoulder straps.
  • An additional horizontal belt enables the pouch to be carried on a conventional waist belt.
  • The vertical straps have rigid inserts and are fastened to the bottom of the pouch with metal buttons.
Weight160 g
Dimensions90 × 30 × 250 mm
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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