Russian Vests

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Are you looking for a good Russian airsoft vest to complete your kit? Maybe you just want a good Russian army vests to take your ammunition with you? At Kula tactical we have what you need: dozens of different Russian vests to carry out your assault on the enemy!


Russian Vests
Whether you are an airsofter, a sports shooter or a mercenary operating in a hostile country, you will find what you need in our Russian assault vest collection. You have at your disposal several Russian Spetsnaz vests used by FSB units in Russia for their anti-terrorist missions, but also reproductions of Russian surplus vest that can be used for your airsoft games. In order to improve your displacement capacity, it may be possible to equip you lighter thanks to our Russian load-bearing vest: a very appreciated configuration by special reconnaissance units.


Our Russian military vests are a good way to equip you at a preferential price for all types of operations. Thanks to a wide choice, you have access to all types of Russian combat vest:

  • Russian Body Armors
  • Russian Chest Rigs
  • Russian Plate Carriers
  • Russian Tactical Vests

You are free to choose your model according to your missions. It is for example recommended to equip yourself lighter for spotting or targeted elimination missions, thanks to our Russian sniper vests. Of course, several Russian AK vests are at your disposal, as the Kalashnikov is still in use (and will be for a long time) in Russia!

Go to our Russian body armors section for maximum all-round protection: perfect for intense fights with grenades and all kinds of projectiles.

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