Spetsnaz Uniform Sumrak – Atacs FG

The russian sumrak m1 in Atacs FG camo can protect from the eyes of the enemy in an enlighted vegetation zone. Thanks to its shape, operators can easily break their shape to better camouflage themselves.

Category: Brand: Avtor
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

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This russian sumrak camo in short

Specific to Russia, this type of uniform is unique in the world. It was developed because of the need of Russian special units for a light uniform with improved camouflage capabilities. It is a very popular choice for missions in the wilderness: forest and woods, rocky areas, desert… This outfit is mainly used by Russian special forces specialized in intelligence, targeted elimination and reconnaissance.

  • Recommended temperature range: 15° to +40° Celsius
  • Loose fit
  • Light and breathable fabric of 160g/m²
  • Fabric: Special blend  (35% Polyester/ 65% Cotton)

The russian sumrak camo jacket in details:

  • The jacket is long, reaching below the waist
  • Usable false epaulets
  • Deep hood with elastic adjustment
  • The hood has a ventilation in the ear area for easy use of the radio headset
  • Pockets closed by flaps with large English buttons, so that the pocket can be opened easily in a hurry, even with shooting gloves
  • Reinforced elbows with an extra layer of fabric for extra durability
  • The jacket main features are wide rubber-fabric straps on the sleeves around the wrists and cuffs that cover almost all the fighter’s hands for camouflage, with slits for the thumbs
  • The jacket closure works with medium-sized English buttons

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2x pockets of the chest
  • 2x large cargo pockets at the bottom of the jacket

The russian sumrak camo pants in details:

  • All stressed areas are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric: knees and buttocks
  • The waist is equipped with a wide elastic band and a thin drawstring to better adjust the pants to your body
  • Pants equipped with buckles for the use of suspenders (included)
  • At the bottom of the pants there is a wide elastic band and loops made of elastic fabric, made to be put on by the feet to guarantee the maintenance of the pants in place.

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • 2x Back pockets closed by flaps with English buttons
  • 2x Open top pockets

The russian sumrak camo set:

  • 1x Jacket
  • 1x Pants
  • 1x Suspenders
  • 1x Transporting bag
Weight1500 g

A-Tacs FG




Wide cut


Summer (15° Celsius and more)


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