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Optimized suit in russian snow camo to work in the snow when hunting or in mission for soldiers. Its weight, to make easier the work of the user, was reduced to the maximum: it has no pockets or reinforced parts. If you have some logic you would want to wear it above warm clothes: that suit was designed for such a type of use.

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Category: Spetsnaz Uniforms Brand: Splav


This russian snow camo in short

An upgraded version of the camouflage winter suit with the user in mind. The suit does not have any pockets, but instead has buttoned slits for access to the pockets of the clothing and equipment worn underneath the suit. The cut is very relaxed, taking into consideration thick winter clothes, body armor, and tactical vests systems with pouches. The new model emphasizes fabric optimum for weather conditions and camouflage, simplifying and lightening the design and increasing reliability. A no-brainer to camouflage yourself in the snow.

  • The entire suit is sewn in one layer of fabric. Removed the mesh lining as on the old model, no reinforcing padding on the knees and elbows. This allows for less weight, less bulk when packed, and easier drying
  • For safety reasons, the entire suit is assembled with chain stitch cuffed seams. All buttons are Canadian (with a ribbon foot)
  • Surface with slight fleece, eliminating rustling
  • Teflon Dupont water-repellent treatment withstands at least 50 washings with about 20% reduction in performanceDense weave with low thickness and weight, so unlike many analogs it does not show through dark clothing and equipment worn underneath the suit
  • The fabric does not harden on frost
  • In contrast to the old model and some analogues models, the suit has no film coating on the inside. As a result, the fabric can breathe and there is no condensate or extra heat accumulated under the suit
  • Extra large fit
  • Ultra light fabric of 125 g/m²
  • Fabric: Quick-dry 100% polyester

The russian snow camo jacket in details:

  • The cords for adjusting the hood and the bottom of the jacket are now elastic for more comfort, with push-button adjusters. The waist adjustments have been removed as unnecessary. Bottom cord and adjuster are completely removable if needed
  • Jacket cuffs with a sewn-in elastic band
  • There is two long slanted slots on the sides of the chest, each fastened with three Canadian buttons, which allows you to adjust the length and position of the slots in height. They provide easy access to clothing pockets and various types of tactical vests: plate carrier, chest rig, harness pouches
  • The jacket fastens with a double-sided zipper, with a Canadian button placket on top

The russian snow camo pants in details:

  • Trouser waistband are adjusted with a sewn-in wide elastic band, in addition, for secure retention there is a cord with a button adjuster (can be removed if necessary)
  • Trouser bottom with a sewn-in elastic band
  • On the pants in the new model there are long slits on the top of the sides, fastened with a single Canadian button. The slit can be used to access the pockets of the pants worn under the camouflage suit, the waist platforms (holsters), etc.

The russian snow camo set:

  • 1x Jacket
  • 1x Pants

Additional information

Weight1500 g





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