Russian Red Dots

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Improve your aim with our Russian red dot optics! Most of them are designed for professional use, so you won’t waste your time by choosing one of our models. For airsoft practice, we also have replicas, but be careful because they do not hold the recoil of a firearm.


Russian red dots

You have a Russian assault rifle and don’t know what optics to attach to it? At Kula we have a large selection of Russian red dot sights specifically designed for this type of firearm. Whether it’s for a Saiga, an AK model from any source or even a non-Russian weapon, you’ll find a selection of top quality russian military red dots on our surplus.
You also have at your disposal several russian red dot replicas for airsoft games: the ideal choice to complete your AEG without the need for an optic that holds the recoil of a weapon.

If you need a scope with magnification for medium or long range recision shooting, make sure you choose one of our Russian scopes that fits your needs.

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