Russian Plate Carriers

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Today, plate carriers are an indispensable element in the defense of military personnel, but not only. It is always good to have a good plate carrier on hand in case of critical situations, in the city for example, during riots or other situations that are normally unthinkable.


Russian plate carriers
Thanks to our Russian military plate carriers, you now have the choice in front of you! Whether you are looking for an authentic Russian plate carrier airsoft to build yourself a modern kit worthy of the name, or whether you want a reliable and inexpensive Russian army plate carrier for your drill training, you are at the right place. Our models are used both by special units and the army of the Russian federation. We do not send ballistic plates through the post, our Russian camo plate carriers are all supplied without plates (a question of customs clearance). So, we can guarantee that you will receive your package.

Go to our collection of Russian tactical vests if you want a more classic model to wear with a vest without additional ball part.

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