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Worn by multiple military units of the Russian Federation, our Russian military uniforms are used by a whole spectrum of eastern workers. But who said they were reserved for the countries of the former Soviet Union? The repression is over comrade, it is now time for you to equip yourself at a reasonable price with our Russian military store!

Wearing a uniform made according to the regulations of one of the most impressive armies in the world is a guarantee of quality. Whether you’re a fan of hunting, bushcraft or airsoft, you need a good uniform that can support your physical efforts. And on the ground, to wear a Russian military combat uniform is the best option to create yourself an unusual style, and of course, to stay out of sight of your enemy thanks to some great camouflage.
You don’t like old things? That’s good, at Kula Tactical we have a large selection of modern Russian military uniforms. We also regularly have new arrivals of the latest designs from the suppliers of the Russian military-industrial complex, from the last generation Spetsnaz uniform to the elaborated gorka suit! All our Russian military suit are manufactured according to the quality standards required to go on a mission. Their purpose is simple: to be suitable on the field by almost every condition. Discover now all our collections:

Russian army uniforms
Gorka suits
Spetsnaz uniforms
Army combat shirts
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SAS Smock

Before leaving on a mission, almost every soldier was equipped with a Gorka suit during the war between the Soviets and the Afghans in the 80’s. You should take a look at this type of uniform!

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